shashank_bhatt Reincarnating as Issei Hyodo in DxD world
Dying in the real world by saving a life and got a chance to reincarnate as Issei Hyodo with magic power's of Space, Time and thunder watch how our MC makes a Harem for himself by becoming the strongest person ever alive in the whole dimensions AT: This is my first time writing so support me like my work and I will keep going on
Iwalkthestars Omega Earth
Ingenuity of mankind finally done it. Scientific research, medical breakthroughs, it all lead to September 12, 2068, The day the world as we knew it ended, the day humanity cracked the dimensionanl theory, the day humanity pulled back the veil. Earth is no longer ruled by humankind. Monsters, mythical creatures, aliens, evil unimaginable walk the land. 3-5 chapters a week ...
AJZHEN One night with the Prince
"What makes you different from all the others? 'What makes me different from all the others? Good question, but what is the answer? Oh! I got it,' "I'm different because..., I'm different!" She answered innocently. He looks at her straight face then, "Hahaha! Because your different, you will do." "Thank you! I will make sure you don't regret it, Sir!" "Will see!" She thought...

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