6ix6ix A Saiyan Reincarnation
Joe Smith a normal everyday man who was your typical closet weeb living a normal everyday life was on his way home when suddenly a Truck-kun came outta nowhere and fucked his shit up. God taking pity for accidentally killing the wrong person granted him a wish his wish was to be born in the Dragon Ball world as a saiyan. God agreed and sent him away a few moments later a newborn saiyan baby named Avocado...
AlunaGray War's Child
In which Hatake Kakashi defies prophecies, reads self-indulgent porn and adjusts to his - er her new life as a daughter of a pompous god. A Naruto and Percy Jackson & The Olympians crossover story. AU.
The_Ultimate_X Self insert dbz, naruto rwby Bleach fate/staynight
Naruto-Elum Dbz Earth Rwby terra Neglected Fem.naruto Self insert Jaune double reincarnation si
McDo1227 The BAD BOY Who Fell for ME
Ever imagined your crush who is apparently a bad boy...a cassanova...a heartbreaker...a guy who doesn't fall in love...fall for you? You who is just a simple, hopeless romantic, and a boyish kind of girl? What a concept ayt? Well not me...I would rather think it's just a game he liked to partake...who knows? maybe I'm just a challenge or just another trophy for him right? This is my...

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