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Heaven's Devourer

Author: Feng Qingyang (风青阳)

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Updated: 2021-10-02 00:50:32

Latest chapter: Chapter 1789: Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva

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《Heaven's Devourer》Latest chapter
Chapter 1789: Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva
Chapter 1788: Mad Buddhas
Chapter 1787: Dipankara
Chapter 1786 Sea of Heavenly Dao
Chapter 1785: Pinnacle Battle
Chapter 1784: Raging Anger
Chapter 1783: Slander
Chapter 1782: The Truth Behind
Chapter 1781: Xuanzang's Voice
Chapter 1780: Macaque's Anomaly
Chapter 1779: Helpless
Chapter 1778: Eternal Cycle Heaven's Prison Immortal Design
《Heaven's Devourer》' main text
Chapter 1789: Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva
Chapter 1788: Mad Buddhas
Chapter 1787: Dipankara
Chapter 1786 Sea of Heavenly Dao
Chapter 1785: Pinnacle Battle
Chapter 1784: Raging Anger
Chapter 1783: Slander
Chapter 1782: The Truth Behind
Chapter 1781: Xuanzang's Voice
Chapter 1780: Macaque's Anomaly
Chapter 1779: Helpless
Chapter 1778: Eternal Cycle Heaven's Prison Immortal Design
Chapter 1777: Smacking The Grand Pure One
Chapter 1776: Golden Buddha
Chapter 1775: 3000 Years of Smelting
Chapter 1774: Lesser Immortal Wu You
Chapter 1773: Carved Vajra
Chapter 1772: Clean Sweep
Chapter 1771: Ruckus in the Sky Palaces
Chapter 1770: A Crazy Plan
Chapter 1769: Jade Willow Dew
Chapter 1768: Tightening Cantrip
Chapter 1767: Nanhai Guanyin Pusa
Chapter 1766: River of Time
Chapter 1765: Nightmare Praying Art
Chapter 1764: Bodhi Bodied
Chapter 1763: Pillar of the Skies
Chapter 1762: Battle By Immolation
Chapter 1761: Making Heaven
Chapter 1760: Heaven's Prison
Chapter 1759: Big Bad
Chapter 1758: Peach Garden Surprise
Chapter 1757: Back to the Demon
Chapter 1755: Losing Control
Chapter 1754: Peach Garden
Chapter 1753: Feast of Peaches
Chapter 1752: Great Sage, Heaven's Equal
Chapter 1751: Jade Emperor
Chapter 1750: Southern Gate of Heaven
Chapter 1749: Envoys of Lingxiao Palace
Chapter 1748: Complaint
Chapter 1747: Liar, Liar
Chapter 1746: Sensational News
Chapter 1745: Dragon Emperor's Mystique
Chapter 1744: You Are Not My Match
Chapter 1743: Return to the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm
Chapter 1742: Reincarnation
Chapter 1741: Escape
Chapter 1740: The Monk Xuanzang
Chapter 1739: Golden Buddha Worlds
Chapter 1738: Bloody Wars and Dread Diseases
Chapter 1737: Nanwu Tranquil Buddha
Chapter 1736: Heaven Devouring Calico Bag
Chapter 1735: Calico Bag Arhat
Chapter 1734: Chaos Position
Chapter 1733: Pilgrimage of 10,000 Buddhas
Chapter 1732: Fighting Longbrowed Arhat
Chapter 1731: Determined Resolve
Chapter 1730: Reunited With Ming Long
Chapter 1729: Immortal Domain Bridge
Chapter 1728: Reinventing Transformations
Chapter 1727: Longbrowed Arhat Immortal Buddha
Chapter 1726: Buddha's Shout
Chapter 1725: Divine Sarira
Chapter 1724: Nanwu Treasured Moon Buddha
Chapter 1723: Immortal Buddhas Fight
Chapter 1722: Prajna Resonance
Chapter 1721: Golden Bodied Immortal Buddha
Chapter 1720: Buddha World
Chapter 1719: Return of the Jingu Bang
Chapter 1718: A Shocking Turn of Events
Chapter 1717: Saintly Lotus Frame
Chapter 1716: No Regrets
Chapter 1715: Conditions for Exchange
Chapter 1714: Cave of Golden Light, Reality Origin Sky
Chapter 1713: Taiyi Zhenren
Chapter 1712: No Deal
Chapter 1711: Pulverized World, World's End
Chapter 1710: Maleficent Flames, Omnifire
Chapter 1709: Nangong Wei Emerges
Chapter 1708: The Changing Mystiques
Chapter 1707: How to be a God
Chapter 1706: Chaos Sword Demon Emperor
Chapter 1705: Towards Eternal Life
Chapter 1704: You've Lost
Chapter 1703: Black Flames
Chapter 1702: Mysterious Transformation
Chapter 1701: A Brave Victory
Chapter 1700: The Vajra Shield Breaks
Chapter 1699: The Final Fight
Chapter 1698: Unexpected Guests
Chapter 1697: Suicide out of Shame
Chapter 1696: Vajra Shield
Chapter 1695: Three Heads, Six Arms
Chapter 1694: Contract Heavenly Rule
Chapter 1693: A Direct Blow
Chapter 1692: Jingu Bang's Second Seal
Chapter 1691: Great Eastern Emperor Sword
Chapter 1690: Quarterfinals Reckoning
Chapter 1689: Sky River Godly Sword
Chapter 1688: Heaven's Ruin Painted Halberd
Chapter 1687: World Destroyer Heavenly Rule
Chapter 1686: Victory
Chapter 1685: Meteorological Rod
Chapter 1684: Return of Deity and Devil
Chapter 1683: Lei Tianyuan
Chapter 1682: Undulating Tides Immortal King
Chapter 1681: Home Ground
Chapter 1680: Giant Astral Prison
Chapter 1679: Wedding Proposal
Chapter 1678: Deplorable
Chapter 1677: Oasis of Clouds
Chapter 1676: In Habitual Mansion
Chapter 1675: The Immortal Guests
Chapter 1674: Strong Rivals
Chapter 1673: The Last Spot
Chapter 1672: Shattered Immortal Spirit
Chapter 1671: Endless Misery
Chapter 1670: Attack of the Heavenly Devils
Chapter 1669: Entering the Heavenly Devil Battlefield
Chapter 1668: Everlasting Battlefield
Chapter 1667: Wheel of Taichi
Chapter 1666: Being the Public Enemy
Chapter 1665: Accidental Kill
Chapter 1664: Immemorial Evil-Banishing Zither
Chapter 1663: Luring The Snake Out
Chapter 1662: Mo Liyin
Chapter 1661: Knock Knock, It's True Lord
Chapter 1660: Sky Splitter: Starry Thunder Technique
Chapter 1659: Apprentice
Chapter 1658: Cave of the Slanting Moon and Three Stars
Chapter 1657: Patriarch Bodhi
Chapter 1656: Devouring Heavenly Rule
Chapter 1655: Spirit Designs, Spirit Designs Everywhere
Chapter 1654: The Three Great Fighters
Chapter 1653: Is the World Ending?
Chapter 1652: Eye of Heaven
Chapter 1651: Avenge the Destruction
Chapter 1650: The Three Lost Sky Palaces
Chapter 1649: The Legacies' Command
Chapter 1648: True Lord Erlang
Chapter 1647: Time-Space Maelstrom
Chapter 1646: Heaven's Despair: Reincarnation Disruption Technique
Chapter 1645: Mano a Mano
Chapter 1644: Apotheosis Mystique
Chapter 1643: Apotheosis Realm
Chapter 1642: 7-Heavens Immortal King
Chapter 1641: A Battle in 5000 Years Time
Chapter 1640: Captured by the Dragon Emperor
Chapter 1639: Dragon Origin Tomb
Chapter 1638: Primordial Revered Dragon
Chapter 1637: A Dragon Emperor Comes
Chapter 1636: Saintly Dragon's Shower
Chapter 1635: Return to the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm
Chapter 1634: Homecoming Preparations
Chapter 1633: Revenge
Chapter 1632: Hell Hath Come
Chapter 1631: Eternal Immortal Emperors
Chapter 1630: Just A Hut
Chapter 1629: Place of Struggle
Chapter 1628: Till I Am Done
Chapter 1627: Crawling Back
Chapter 1626: Rebirth
Chapter 1625: Willow Town
Chapter 1624: Eternity
Chapter 1623: Determination
Chapter 1622: Overcome
Chapter 1621: Reflection
Chapter 1620: Eternal Demon Emperor Carvings
Chapter 1619: Ice-Fire Tempest
Chapter 1618: Yin-yang Origin Beasts
Chapter 1617: Celestial Demonic Emperor Dies
Chapter 1616: Purple Sonic Heavenly Rule
Chapter 1615: Violet-Eyed Beast
Chapter 1614: The Real Graveguarding Palace
Chapter 1613: Purple Eternal Demon Emperor
Chapter 1612: The Instant Counter
Chapter 1611: White Jade Platform
Chapter 1610: Chronowarp Heavenly Rule
Chapter 1609: Tedious Times
Chapter 1608: Graveguarding Palace
Chapter 1607: Black Sphere
Chapter 1606: Prove Yourself!
Chapter 1605: Demonic Emperors' Derby
Chapter 1604: Pendant Swop
Chapter 1603: Grave of Lifeless Eternal Demon Emperor
Chapter 1602: Wu Jun's Death
Chapter 1601: Real and Fake Wu Jun
Chapter 1600: Mist in the Eternal Emperor Tomb
Chapter 1599: Opening of the Emperor Tomb
Chapter 1598: Golden Blazing Realm Fire
Chapter 1597: Eternal Emperor Tomb
Chapter 1596: Demonic Emperor Traps
Chapter 1595: The Demonic Emperors Unite
Chapter 1594: Fathomless Starry Sea
Chapter 1593: The Five Great Empires
Chapter 1592: Unending Demonic Emperor
Chapter 1591: Ending Things
Chapter 1590: On A Silver Platter
Chapter 1589: 4-Heavens Immortal King
Chapter 1588: Rebirth of Jiu Ying
Chapter 1587: Ancient Immortal Dragon Rectifying Extremist Immortal Design
Chapter 1586: Seeking Help From An Expert
Chapter 1585: Back to Ancient Demon Realm
Chapter 1584: Run Away
Chapter 1583: Kidnapping
Chapter 1582: Let's Talk About It
Chapter 1581: Ulterior Motives
Chapter 1580: Breaking Out
Chapter 1579: Apocalyptic Chaos Demon
Chapter 1578: The Battle Between The 8-heavens Demon Kings
Chapter 1577: Invitation into a Trap
Chapter 1576: Opportunity
Chapter 1575: Wreaking Havoc in the Fiendish Underworld Metropolis
Chapter 1574: Upsetting the Apple Cart
Chapter 1573: Blood Vortex Heavenly Rule
Chapter 1572: If The Trick Ain't Broke, Don't Fix
Chapter 1571: Demon Kings Clash
Chapter 1570: Xingyan Volcano
Chapter 1569: Back Again
Chapter 1568: It's A Trap
Chapter 1567: Bloodsucking Scourge
Chapter 1566: Ancient Demon Dragon Perpetual Devourer Immortal Design
Chapter 1565: 10,000 Years Confinement
Chapter 1564: Back to Underworld Dragon's Den
Chapter 1563: Lure
Chapter 1562: Crimson Moon Kunpeng
Chapter 1561: Three Great 7-Heavens Demon Kings
Chapter 1560: Memories of Jiu Ying
Chapter 1559: Fox Demon Couple
Chapter 1558: Green Fire Demon King
Chapter 1557: Diabolical Dragon Palace
Chapter 1556: Infiltrating Underworld Dragon's Den
Chapter 1555: Caliginous Shadow Demon King
Chapter 1554: Fiendish Underworld Metropolis
Chapter 1553: Diabolical Dragon King
Chapter 1552: Demon King Fiesta
Chapter 1551: Choosing a Target
Chapter 1550: Eternal and Indomitable Vajra Realm
Chapter 1549: Kingly Immortal Spirit
Chapter 1548: Over-Immolation
Chapter 1547: Immolate Ultimus
Chapter 1546: Baleful Yin Qi
Chapter 1545: Black Sea Grand Emperor
Chapter 1544: Black Yama Demon King Appears
Chapter 1543: Dreary Elemental Golden World
Chapter 1542: Golden Rhino Demon King
Chapter 1541: Dreary Elemental Vortex
Chapter 1540: Dreary Elemental Vajra Lion
Chapter 1539: News of the Black Sea
Chapter 1538: Scarlet Gold Forbidden Region
Chapter 1537: Golden Horned Ancient Varanus
Chapter 1536: Void Reversal
Chapter 1535: Eternal Demon Emperor Bloodstains
Chapter 1534: Dark Forest
Chapter 1533: The Doomsday Battle
Chapter 1532: The Secrets of the Demon Immortal Realm
Chapter 1531: Dilapidated World
Chapter 1530: Half a Demon Door
Chapter 1529: Giant Whale Corpse Puppet
Chapter 1528: Water Droplet Immortal Design
Chapter 1527: 8-realm Immortal Lord
Chapter 1526: Baffling
Chapter 1525: Dao Enlightenment
Chapter 1524: Disregard for Rules
Chapter 1523: Unholy Spirit Abyss
Chapter 1522: Epochal Immortal Treasure
Chapter 1521: 6000 Years of Incarnation
Chapter 1520: Judgement
Chapter 1519: Catastrophe
Chapter 1518: Wedding Hall
Chapter 1517: Beautiful as a Symphony
Chapter 1516: The Namelist
Chapter 1515: A Grand Wedding
Chapter 1514: Fruition
Chapter 1513: 10,000 Years in a Blink
Chapter 1512: Dragon Isolation Tower
Chapter 1511: Unbelievable Luck
Chapter 1510: The Punishment of the Dragon Emperor
Chapter 1509: Lives Hang in the Balance
Chapter 1508: Descent of the Dragon Emperor
Chapter 1507: Soul Sacrifice: Three Life Extinguisher Immortal Technique
Chapter 1506: Return to Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm
Chapter 1505: Wu Yu is Dead
Chapter 1504: Now What
Chapter 1503: The Beasts Fight
Chapter 1502: Imposter Revealed
Chapter 1501: Fallen Battlefield
Chapter 1500: Leisure and Pleasure
Chapter 1499: Tianyi Heavenly Mirror
Chapter 1498: All Amalgamating Heavenly Flames
Chapter 1497: Tian Que Dragon Palace
Chapter 1496: Ascension to Demon Immortal Realm
Chapter 1495: The Youth Returns
Chapter 1494: The Eyes of the Yin-Yang Fish
Chapter 1493: Back to the Human Realm
Chapter 1492: Heavenly Dragon Unification
Chapter 1491: Bipolar Dragon Falcon Immortal design
Chapter 1490: Green Flame Immortal King
Chapter 1489: Mystic Sun Emperor's Pagoda
Chapter 1488: Thunder Flame Immortal Emperor's Celestial Pillar
Chapter 1487: The Sea God's Halberd of Eternal Night
Chapter 1486: Qing Xu Immortal Lord
Chapter 1485: Hundred Years, Thousand Time Talisman
Chapter 1484: That Existence
Chapter 1483: Tian Que Dragon King
Chapter 1482: The Promise from Sky Heart Dragon Emperor
Chapter 1481: A Queen Among Dragons
Chapter 1480: Immortal Companions
Chapter 1479: Big Trouble
Chapter 1478: Wait.
Chapter 1477: Troops Go Their Own Way
Chapter 1476: Danger in Sublime Gracious Region
Chapter 1475: Farewell
Chapter 1474: Deflowering
Chapter 1473: Six Great Heavenly Rules
Chapter 1472: Ruin of Armies Anthem
Chapter 1471: Upheaval in Circumstances
Chapter 1470: Riposte Needle
Chapter 1469: Tundra Spirit's Lamp
Chapter 1468: The Final Game
Chapter 1467: The Four Meet
Chapter 1466: The Growing Power
Chapter 1465: Primeval God's Markings
Chapter 1464: The Beauties Are The Beasts
Chapter 1463: 5-Hells Ghostly King
Chapter 1462: Immolate!
Chapter 1461: Battle with the Hell Master
Chapter 1460: Lightning Funeral Ghostly King
Chapter 1459: Rules of the Game
Chapter 1458: Endless Battles
Chapter 1457: Open Sesame
Chapter 1456: Stygian Starfield
Chapter 1455: The Last Epochal Immortal Design
Chapter 1454: True Identity
Chapter 1453: Impermanence Soul Burning Technique
Chapter 1452: Army of Impermanence
Chapter 1451: New Identity (2)
Chapter 1450: New Identity
Chapter 1449: Impermanence's Battle
Chapter 1448: The Vortex Falls
Chapter 1447: Mini World, Major Fight
Chapter 1446: Lifebreaking Words
Chapter 1445: Lifebreaking Darkness Brush
Chapter 1444: Nine Moons Devil Emperor's Battle Axe
Chapter 1443: Stopped Space
Chapter 1442: Tragic Mirror
Chapter 1441: A Billion Ghostly Immortals
Chapter 1440: Star Penetrator Polymer Design
Chapter 1439: Rebellious
Chapter 1438: Bright Star Ghostly King
Chapter 1437: The Might of Submerged Cloud
Chapter 1436: Dong Shen Ghostly King
Chapter 1435: Silver Soul Heart Wrenching Chains
Chapter 1434: Quota of Five
Chapter 1433: Qin Yunling
Chapter 1432: A Ball of Storm
Chapter 1431: 100,000 Nether Vortex Design
Chapter 1430: Maelstrom Silver Dagger Sphere
Chapter 1429: Live On
Chapter 1428: Voidquake
Chapter 1427: Submerged Cloud Seal
Chapter 1426: Prohibited Ghostly Kings
Chapter 1425: Searching Among The Stars
Chapter 1424: Rainbow Pearl
Chapter 1423: Geocentric Riot
Chapter 1422: The Volcanic Hell Master
Chapter 1421: A 6-Realm Immortal Lord
Chapter 1420: 3 Great Ghostly Kings
Chapter 1419: Breaking the Astral Guardian Field
Chapter 1418: Descent
Chapter 1417: Chaos in the Astral Hell
Chapter 1416: Vengeful Hell Spirits Chakravarti
Chapter 1415: Chong Yuan Immortal Lord
Chapter 1414: Great Void Immortal Technique
Chapter 1413: Soul Jockey Technique
Chapter 1412: Astral Guardian Field
Chapter 1411: Dark Moon Soul-and-Spirit Domination Skill
Chapter 1410: The Immortal Lords' Plans
Chapter 1409: A Door Gift for Gu Huo Immortal Lord
Chapter 1408: Epochal Immortal Design
Chapter 1407: Prismatic Thunderball
Chapter 1406: Amethyst Hell Shadowy God Starry Sword
Chapter 1405: Electrical Magma
Chapter 1404: Broken Ruling Fate
Chapter 1403: Amethyst Eyes
Chapter 1402: New Identity
Chapter 1401: Heinous Crimes
Chapter 1400: White-Eyed Ghostly Lord
Chapter 1399: Abyssal Furnace
Chapter 1398: Heavenly Voices of the Nine Heavens
Chapter 1397: Chakravarti-raja Star
Chapter 1396: Dreary Star
Chapter 1395: Light at the End of the Tunnel
Chapter 1394: Bloody Ghosts Sect
Chapter 1393: Ghostly Immortals of Hell
Chapter 1392: Astral Hell
Chapter 1391: White Night Immortal Lord
Chapter 1390: Fusing Two into One
Chapter 1389: The Secret of The 10th Grade
Chapter 1388: Second Gateway to Hell
Chapter 1387: The Phoenixes' Plea
Chapter 1386: Greater Darkness Heaven
Chapter 1385: Gu Di Immortal Lord
Chapter 1384: Second Awareness
Chapter 1383: Alive Again
Chapter 1382: Rising Emotions
Chapter 1381: Lust and Hatred
Chapter 1380: Scintillating King Axe
Chapter 1379: Hell of the Netherworld
Chapter 1378: Bronze Ring
Chapter 1377: Awakening Memories
Chapter 1376: 4-Realm Immortal Lord
Chapter 1375: Fleeting Immortal Dreams
Chapter 1374: Frost Spirit's Threads
Chapter 1373: Five Affinities Immortal Exclusion Pearls
Chapter 1372: Escaped Alive
Chapter 1371: The Name of Snow Region
Chapter 1370: Messy Melee
Chapter 1369: A Blind Spot
Chapter 1368: Immortal King Puppet
Chapter 1367: Snow Region Immortal Lord
Chapter 1366: Divine Pearl of Lesser Control
Chapter 1365: Teaming Up
Chapter 1364: Nine-colored Chaos Spike
Chapter 1363: Three Thousand Worlds Eye of Thunder
Chapter 1362: 2-Realm Immortal Lord
Chapter 1361: White Glowing Sphere
Chapter 1360: God Slaying Winged Insect
Chapter 1359: Yuan Yin Phoenix Lord
Chapter 1358: Physical Body World
Chapter 1357: Realm of Gold and Fire's Power
Chapter 1356: Ruling Fate Immortal Lord
Chapter 1355: Zhao Immortal Tribe
Chapter 1354: Farewell
Chapter 1353: Xuan Fire Immortal's Mesh
Chapter 1352: Mark of an Immortal King, Obtained
Chapter 1351: Inner Ghosts
Chapter 1350: Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li
Chapter 1349: Zombie Ghostly Immortals
Chapter 1348: Heaven Devouring Legacy
Chapter 1347: Awakening Innate Legacy
Chapter 1346: Ancestral Phoenix Nirvanic Venerable Art
Chapter 1345: Stranger
Chapter 1344: Blue Sea of Fire
Chapter 1343: Feng Li Immortal Lord
Chapter 1342: Intense Battles In the Immortal City
Chapter 1341: Endless River of Stars
Chapter 1340: Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord
Chapter 1339: 10th Grade Mark of an Immortal King
Chapter 1338: Arrival of the Immortals
Chapter 1337: Sublime Gracious Divine Region
Chapter 1336: Dao of Time Manipulation
Chapter 1335: Mystical Resonance Immortal Emperor
Chapter 1334: Killing Intent of the Immortal King
Chapter 1333: 900 Swords of Cloud Immortal
Chapter 1332: Dao of the Void, and Big and Small
Chapter 1331: The Power of Time Warp
Chapter 1330: Mystical Resonance Immortal City
Chapter 1329: Green Lotus Immortal King
Chapter 1328: Xu Zidong
Chapter 1327: Ancient Ink Camp
Chapter 1326: Mo Yuji
Chapter 1325: Four Heavenly Kings
Chapter 1324: Benevolent Immortal City
Chapter 1323: 10 Billion Immortal Lords
Chapter 1322: Meteoric Mirror
Chapter 1321: The Major Change to the Floating Dreams Pagoda
Chapter 1320: 100,000 Letters of Love
Chapter 1319: Eight Division Heavenly Dragon's Legacy
Chapter 1318: Eastern Sublime Gracious Divine Emperor
Chapter 1317: Immortal King Supreme Palace
Chapter 1316: The Promise of an Immortal King
Chapter 1315: Two Great Revered Dragons
Chapter 1314: Decisions of Dignity
Chapter 1313: Relentless Bombardment
Chapter 1312: The Power of the Realm of Fate
Chapter 1311: Grand Final
Chapter 1310: 9,000 Years of Waiting
Chapter 1309: The First Round of the Finals
Chapter 1308: Eve of the Finals
Chapter 1307: Snow-White Dragon Scale
Chapter 1306: Uproarious Crowd
Chapter 1305: Physical Body and Doppelgangers
Chapter 1304: Nine Heavens Silver Blade Dragon
Chapter 1303: Dragon and Elephant Buddha
Chapter 1302: Dao of Gold and Fire
Chapter 1301: Purple Skies Empyrean Dragon
Chapter 1300: City of 10,000 Swords and Dragons
Chapter 1299: Mystical Palace Thunder Dragon
Chapter 1298: Deep Seas Icy Immortal Dragon
Chapter 1297: Xue Bingyi
Chapter 1296: The Primordial Immortal Empire's Counter
Chapter 1295: The Purple and Green Couple
Chapter 1294: Where is He?
Chapter 1293: Time will Provide the Answer
Chapter 1292: Eye of the Dragon Emperor
Chapter 1291: Tian Ming Dragon Lord
Chapter 1290: Primordial Divine Dragon
Chapter 1289: Dragon Emperor's Supreme Battlefield
Chapter 1288: Completion of the Heavenly Immortal Training
Chapter 1287: Floating Dreams Immortal King
Chapter 1286: Rules of the Purgatory
Chapter 1285: Awaiting for Wu Yu at Dragon Emperor's Purgatory
Chapter 1284: Deadly Nightshadow Dragon
Chapter 1283: Spirit Devourer Black Dragon
Chapter 1282: Nanshan Challenges the Great Trial
Chapter 1281: Dragon Emperor's Purgatory
Chapter 1280: Luminary Celestial Dragon Mantra Sword
Chapter 1279: The Immortal Dragon Imperial Decree
Chapter 1278: Clear Jade Amnesic Field
Chapter 1277: Primordial Immortal Empire Dragon King
Chapter 1276: Sons of the Three Dragon Kings
Chapter 1275: 1-Yuan Mystical Dragon Battlefield
Chapter 1274: Ancient Immortal Essence Wine
Chapter 1273: The Mysterious Immortal Backer
Chapter 1272: Qin Yin Peak
Chapter 1271: Husband
Chapter 1270: Kiss Until the End of Time
Chapter 1269: Golden Immortal Radiance Dragon
Chapter 1268: Hidden Dragon Peak
Chapter 1267: Little Left-Right
Chapter 1266: Sky Heart Dragon Region
Chapter 1265: Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm
Chapter 1264: Immortal Cloud Field
Chapter 1263: Nine-Talons Scintillating Sun Dragon
Chapter 1262: Admitting Immortal Palace
Chapter 1261: Water Aspect Realm
Chapter 1260: Dragon Immortal Sky
Chapter 1259: Nine Aspects of the Venerable Buddha
Chapter 1258: Bodhi Immortal Dao Art
Chapter 1257: Immortal Spirit Decimating Calamity Technique
Chapter 1256: The Battle of Immortal Spirits
Chapter 1255: Immortal Su Sang
Chapter 1254: Snow Feather Immortal Residence
Chapter 1253: The Well Changes
Chapter 1252: General Qinghe
Chapter 1251: Ancient Immortal Tomahawk
Chapter 1250: Immortal Lord Realm
Chapter 1249: Nine Xuan Dao Realm
Chapter 1248: Green Lotus Sky
Chapter 1247: Bitter Bamboo Immortal
Chapter 1246: The One, Nangong
Chapter 1245: Shining Scarlet Immortal Fire Talisman
Chapter 1244: Immortal Message Talisman
Chapter 1243: Phoenix Supreme's Plot
Chapter 1242: Divine Seeing Eye
Chapter 1241: Self-Awareness
Chapter 1240: Soul Shattering Symphony
Chapter 1239: Immortal Mo Li
Chapter 1238: Whip of Heaven
Chapter 1237: Wushang Dao Ancestor
Chapter 1236: Sky River Sword Immortal
Chapter 1235: Sky Palace Dao Ladder
Chapter 1234: Incandescent Mirror
Chapter 1233: Complete Darkness
Chapter 1232: Butchering God Sect's Leader
Chapter 1231: Wang Yanwu
Chapter 1230: A Vast World
Chapter 1229: Schrdinger's Cat
Chapter 1228: New Conquest
Chapter 1227: Longevity Immortal Realm
Chapter 1226: An Avenging Heart
Chapter 1225: 1%
Chapter 1224: Asking the Great Sage
Chapter 1223: Partial Immortal Spirit
Chapter 1222: Pu Yuan Sky Palace
Chapter 1221: Black and Gold Sun
Chapter 1220: Procreation
Chapter 1219: Great Trial in Three Days
Chapter 1218: Immolate!
Chapter 1217: Death and Direction
Chapter 1216: Ancestor Ao Yang
Chapter 1215: Heaven's Lightning
Chapter 1214: Soul's Sunset
Chapter 1213: Purpose Accomplished
Chapter 1212: Immortal Fusing Seed and Genesis Immortal Panacea
Chapter 1211: Meeting
Chapter 1210: A Stranger
Chapter 1209: Nine Levels of Purgatory
Chapter 1208: Replicate
Chapter 1207: Parasite
Chapter 1206: A Bigger Target
Chapter 1205: Devouring Machine
Chapter 1204: Law of the Jungle
Chapter 1203: Limitless Devouring
Chapter 1202: A Decision That Will Never Be Regretted
Chapter 1201: Wu Yu's Achilles’ Heel
Chapter 1200: Behind the Cardinal
Chapter 1199: Oriole
Chapter 1198: Internal Conflict
Chapter 1197: Demon Immortals Gather
Chapter 1196: Fire in the Backyard
Chapter 1195: Sisterly Love
Chapter 1194: Dark Side of the Beckoning Moon
Chapter 1193: Golden Vortexes of 8,000 Sky Palaces
Chapter 1192: Beckoning Moon Drunken Godfire Obliterating Sword Formation
Chapter 1191: Beauty of Beckoning Moon
Chapter 1190: 3,000 Greater Realms
Chapter 1189: Heavenly Domain
Chapter 1188: Yueling Xuan and Yueling Yi
Chapter 1187: Great Ancient Ink Realm
Chapter 1186: Stellar Glint
Chapter 1185: A Plan
Chapter 1184: A Tenuous Journey
Chapter 1183: The Sea in the Mountain and the Mountain in the Sea
Chapter 1182: Past Matters of Divine Continent
Chapter 1181: Moon Hung in the Sky
Chapter 1180: Mortal Shackled Hell
Chapter 1179: Unforgettable for Eternity
Chapter 1178: Dragon Light Festival
Chapter 1177: Nine Dragons of Heaven and Earth: Against Immortals Formation
Chapter 1176: Five-Colored Cloud Sphere
Chapter 1175: Dragon Palace of the Four Seas
Chapter 1174: Mimic Spirit Design
Chapter 1173: The Last Puppet
Chapter 1172: Azure Dragon Demon Immortal
Chapter 1171: Fishing Dragon Region
Chapter 1170: The Secret of the Ancient Demon Stone
Chapter 1169: Door to 10,000 Levels of Hell
Chapter 1168: Twin Dragon Immortal Vaporizer
Chapter 1167: Little Roc Demon
Chapter 1166: Divine Battle Realm
Chapter 1165: The Eight Great Demon Immortals
Chapter 1164: Rose Demon Queen
Chapter 1163: Stellar Realm
Chapter 1162: The Huge Beast Underground
Chapter 1161: Golden Eye Ancient Demon and the Mercury Tree
Chapter 1160: The Ancient Demon Mystery
Chapter 1159: Five-Clawed Golden Dragon
Chapter 1158: Jambu Titanic Beast
Chapter 1157: Jambu Sky Pillar
Chapter 1156: Unbounded Warship
Chapter 1155: Nine-Starred Dragon's Well
Chapter 1154: Archaic Twin Dragon Immortal Vaporizing Design
Chapter 1153: Emperor Battling Dragons
Chapter 1152: 10,000 Immortals Palace
Chapter 1151: Banquet and Farewell
Chapter 1150: Yan Huang Dragon Insignia
Chapter 1149: The Emperor's Four Items
Chapter 1148: Qian Kun Palace
Chapter 1147: Patron Saints' Hall
Chapter 1146: Phoenix Dawn and Luo Pin
Chapter 1145: Eternal Phoenix Brand
Chapter 1144: Temple of Heart and Spirit
Chapter 1143: Like A Dream
Chapter 1142: Immortal Su Sang
Chapter 1141: The Truth of a Mortal's Life
Chapter 1140: The Night before the Ascension to the Throne
Chapter 1139: Primordial Immortal Dragon
Chapter 1138: Promise of Sky Palace
Chapter 1137: Remember, Forever
Chapter 1136: Storm In Yan Huang
Chapter 1135: Before the Coronation
Chapter 1134: Proposed Marriage
Chapter 1133: Coffin Parasites
Chapter 1132: Son of Ancient Emperor
Chapter 1131: A Prince is Crowned
Chapter 1130: The Hysterical Yan Huang Tribe
Chapter 1129: Suspense Broken
Chapter 1128: The Best Opportunity
Chapter 1127: Spirit Chaser Art
Chapter 1126: Major Mischief
Chapter 1125: Celestial Tower's Silver Moon Destroyer
Chapter 1124: Ninth Heaven's Galactic Meteor
Chapter 1123: The Path of Dao Querying
Chapter 1122: Martial Dao, Immortal Dao
Chapter 1121: A Time of Chaos
Chapter 1120: Golden Giant
Chapter 1119: Ninth Level of the Ancient Soul Tower
Chapter 1118: Shady Business
Chapter 1117: Developments in Chaos
Chapter 1116: Mayhem at Ancient Soul Tower
Chapter 1115: Soulstone
Chapter 1114: Void Breaching Cloud Beast
Chapter 1113: Fulgurating Shadows
Chapter 1112: World of Light
Chapter 1111: Princess Xi
Chapter 1110: 10,000 Calamities: Ultimate God Killer
Chapter 1109: The Predetermined New Emperor, Prince Le.
Chapter 1108: Demonic Eye's Charms
Chapter 1107: Kill Him
Chapter 1106: Onyx Water Mystical Region
Chapter 1105: Emperor's Electric Dragon
Chapter 1104: Prince Diablo
Chapter 1103: The Hunter and the Hunted
Chapter 1102: 10,000 Calamities: Ultimate God Killer
Chapter 1101: Heaven's Imperial Descent: Immortal Burning Design
Chapter 1100: Battle Axe and Black Shield
Chapter 1099: A Murderous Sword
Chapter 1098: To Kill With A Borrowed Knife
Chapter 1097: The Swamp and the Black Snake
Chapter 1096: The Champion Returns
Chapter 1095: Rebirth from the Cocoon
Chapter 1094: Vairocana
Chapter 1093: Death Comes
Chapter 1092: An Intense Battle with the Blazing Bird
Chapter 1091: Prince Xiao
Chapter 1090: Mark of the Immortal Phoenix
Chapter 1089: Memories of Shushan Immortal Sect
Chapter 1088: In a Stalemate
Chapter 1087: Eternal Blazing Bird
Chapter 1086: Golden Raptor Battleship
Chapter 1085: Qilin Battle Axe
Chapter 1084: Lava Hounds
Chapter 1083: Prince's Consort and Su Yeji
Chapter 1082: The Might of the Imperial Insignia
Chapter 1081: Nine Suns
Chapter 1080: Tortoise Shield Dragon Boat
Chapter 1079: A Reputation To Shake The World
Chapter 1078: Heaven's Imperial Insignia: Immortal Slayer Strike
Chapter 1077: Golden Roc Covers the Sky, Mythic Tortoise Rattles Hell!
Chapter 1076: Imperial Insignia
Chapter 1075: A Straightforward Youth
Chapter 1074: Princess Yan and Her Men
Chapter 1073: Emerald Bird Frenzy
Chapter 1072: Stormy Skies
Chapter 1071: Floating Souls Dreamy Life
Chapter 1070: Floating Souls Titanic Beast's True Form
Chapter 1069: Beauty and the Boar
Chapter 1068: Old Friends
Chapter 1067: The Thousand Mouths Monster
Chapter 1066: The Bloody Tree King
Chapter 1065: Nine Aurora Grand Devil
Chapter 1064: God Slaying Fluorescent Orbs Design
Chapter 1063: Firefly
Chapter 1062: New Worry
Chapter 1061: Frightening Improvements
Chapter 1060: Questioning Dao and Answering Dao
Chapter 1059: Door to the Dao Palace
Chapter 1058: New Alliance
Chapter 1057: King You Ying
Chapter 1056: Within Three Breaths
Chapter 1055: Dazzling Dragon Spider Web Formation
Chapter 1054: Floating Souls Titanic Beast
Chapter 1053: Dignity
Chapter 1052: Ancient Emperor Dao Palace
Chapter 1051: The Prince's Sword
Chapter 1050: Ghostly Stabbing Urchin
Chapter 1049: Godlike Luck
Chapter 1048: A Huge Beast's Shell
Chapter 1047: An Erupting World
Chapter 1046: Floating Dust
Chapter 1045: Circle of Destruction
Chapter 1044: The Giant Beast's Tail
Chapter 1043: Second Level of Ancient Soul Tower
Chapter 1042: A Trap
Chapter 1041: Suicide?
Chapter 1040: Ghostly Beheader, Blood Coagulant Rapier
Chapter 1039: Devilsky Tribe
Chapter 1038: Devilsky Seven
Chapter 1037: Burnished Golden Ant
Chapter 1036: Creature in the Sands
Chapter 1035: Soul Tower's First Level
Chapter 1034: Nine Mirrors
Chapter 1033: Yan Huang Golden Bead
Chapter 1032: A Shocking Moment
Chapter 1031: Yin Bingjian
Chapter 1030: Ancient Emperor and His Treasures
Chapter 1029: To Join as Equals
Chapter 1028: Girl of His Dreams
Chapter 1027: Shackled-God Rogue Dragon
Chapter 1026: The Last Visitor
Chapter 1025: Windy Fiery Skies Platform
Chapter 1024: The Eve of the Pilgrimage
Chapter 1023: In the Face of Danger
Chapter 1022: Fallen Jade Immortal Tea
Chapter 1021: Dark Sea Emperor
Chapter 1020: Dead Soul Corpse Shark
Chapter 1019: Bollworm God
Chapter 1018: Soul Enslavement Kaiser Bead and the Soul Hound Titanic Sword
Chapter 1017: Prince You
Chapter 1016: Superpower Immortal Kingdom
Chapter 1015: City of 10,000 Kingdoms
Chapter 1014: Golden Dragon Wall Formation
Chapter 1013: Moon Shadow Cat
Chapter 1012: 99 Spiral Psychedelic Design
Chapter 1011: Season of Massacre
Chapter 1010: Intense Battle of the Demons
Chapter 1009: Worshipped by the Masses
Chapter 1008: The Soul Pagoda Descends
Chapter 1007: A Dramatic Scene
Chapter 1006: Ancient Soul Tower
Chapter 1005: Midnight Specter's Visit
Chapter 1004: Assassin from Immortal's Capital
Chapter 1003: All Cleansing God Eye Technique
Chapter 1002: Battle Team of Seven
Chapter 1001: Nine Cycles of Imperial Immortal Body
Chapter 1000: Seven Stars Fortifying Design
Chapter 0999: Seven Stars Iron Winged Bug
Chapter 0998: The Pull of Immortal's Capital
Chapter 0997: Secret of the Royal family
Chapter 0996: 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage
Chapter 0995: South Emperor's Golden Lion Hall
Chapter 0994: Towards Immortal's Capital
Chapter 0993: Primeval Blood World
Chapter 0992: Stygian Devil Assassins
Chapter 0991: Icy, Bloody Hell
Chapter 0990: Narrow Escape from Death
Chapter 0989: Bunny in the Ancient Demon Realm
Chapter 0988: Opening the Door to a New World
Chapter 0987: Demonic Eye of Illusions
Chapter 0986: The Disappearance of the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence
Chapter 0985: 8,000 Sky Palaces, 10,000 Levels of Hell
Chapter 0984: The Door to The Ancient Demon Realm
Chapter 0983: Mysterious Eyeballs
Chapter 0982: That Year, Immortal Pair Hall
Chapter 0981: Hellish Battle
Chapter 0980: Damned Thing
Chapter 0979: The Final Platform
Chapter 0978: Ten Thousand Concubines
Chapter 0977: The dominance of the Grand Emperor
Chapter 0976: Mutual Affection
Chapter 0975: Second Platform
Chapter 0974: 1,000 Advanced Dao Treasures
Chapter 0973: Argument
Chapter 0972: The Omnipresent Eyes
Chapter 0971: Phoenix Dawn and Nangong Wei
Chapter 0970: Enlightenment
Chapter 0969: Between Life and Death
Chapter 0968: Heart of Slaughter
Chapter 0967: Moonlight
Chapter 0966: Immense Horror
Chapter 0965: Imperial Concubine Xi's Palace Hall, Spirit Severing Powder
Chapter 0964: Golden Pupil Ancient Demon, Dreams of Dong Wu
Chapter 0963: She's No More
Chapter 0962: Phoenix Dawn
Chapter 0961: War Over Land and Sea
Chapter 0960: Nanyin Empire
Chapter 0959: The Battle of the Demon Lords
Chapter 0958: Stormy Demon Emperor
Chapter 0957: Negotiation
Chapter 0956: Magnum Opus
Chapter 0955: The Demon Horde against the Phoenix
Chapter 0954: Nanfeng Empire
Chapter 0953: Phoenix Supreme's Domain
Chapter 0952: Silver Moon Demon Lord
Chapter 0951: Major Changes to the Ancient Demon Lake
Chapter 0950: The Frightening New Puppet
Chapter 0949: Hemophilic Dragon's Eye
Chapter 0948: Blue-blooded Dragon Bats
Chapter 0947: Monkey, Marmoset, Ape, Gorilla
Chapter 0946: Golden Eyes
Chapter 0945: Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence
Chapter 0944: Moth to the Flame
Chapter 0943: Shattering of the Physical Body
Chapter 0942: Dying Twice in Battle
Chapter 0941: The Sixth Ape King
Chapter 0940: Black Sand Demonic Shadow
Chapter 0939: Remember the Days
Chapter 0938: Sacrifice the Self
Chapter 0937: Taiyi Divine Wood Array
Chapter 0936: Divine Wood Great Ape
Chapter 0935: Fire-Red Demon Apes
Chapter 0934: Seven Ape Kings
Chapter 0933: Without A Trace
Chapter 0932: Eternal Phoenix
Chapter 0931: Who is She?
Chapter 0930: Holy Golden Armored Bug and the Vulture
Chapter 0929: Cloud Piercing Demon Tree
Chapter 0928: Yun Sheng, Yun Yin
Chapter 0927: Bloody Cloud Dragon Cheetah
Chapter 0926: Culture of the Demon World
Chapter 0925: Dark Cloud Tiger Wolf's Inn
Chapter 0924: Little Valley
Chapter 0923: Dao Philosophy
Chapter 0922: Double-Ended Taia Sword
Chapter 0921: Mirrored Flowers, Reflected Moon, Gone from the Skies
Chapter 0920: Yin Yang Forbidden Sea Formation
Chapter 0919: Underwater Giant Beast
Chapter 0918: Candid
Chapter 0917: Sea Suppressing Devilish Melody
Chapter 0916: Green Island Brothers
Chapter 0915: The Old Demon's Anger
Chapter 0914: Old Yin Yang Demon
Chapter 0913: Blue Skies and White Clouds
Chapter 0912: South Emperor City
Chapter 0911: Indestructible State Talisman
Chapter 0910: Hidden Immortal
Chapter 0909: Voyage Diaries
Chapter 0908: Nanyin Demon Continent
Chapter 0907: Hell Incarnation Avatar
Chapter 0906: Ten Wheels Bodhisattva Ghostly Immortal Mantra
Chapter 0905: The Power of Cell Shatterer
Chapter 0904: Who is the most Fearless Person?
Chapter 0903: Silent Blazing Nine Palaces
Chapter 0902: Heavenly Meteorite
Chapter 0901: A Big Gamble
Chapter 0900: Skilled at Killing
Chapter 0899: Exceptionally Arrogant
Chapter 0898: Flashing Debut
Chapter 0897: Misty Moon Chamber
Chapter 0896: Number One Battlefield of the Immortal's Capital
Chapter 0895: Flower Paradise
Chapter 0894: Infernal Cell Shatterer of Nine Fetters
Chapter 0893: Clash of Flames
Chapter 0892: The Heart to Compete for the Throne
Chapter 0891: Divine Bestowment
Chapter 0890: Infernal Sky Pillar of Nine Fetters
Chapter 0889: Kingmaker Le in the Throne Room
Chapter 0888: Ghostly Cultivator at the Immortal's Capital
Chapter 0887: New Life
Chapter 0886: Judgment
Chapter 0885: The Great Ancient Emperor
Chapter 0884: A Wild Time
Chapter 0883: A Battle that Shines through History
Chapter 0882: Super Spirit Design
Chapter 0881: The Battle of Millennia!
Chapter 0880: Ghostly Immortal Titan
Chapter 0879: The Three Siblings
Chapter 0878: Warning
Chapter 0877: Curtain Lifting General
Chapter 0876: Immortals' Legacies
Chapter 0875: Black Sand and A Mysterious Object
Chapter 0874: Dungeon of Vengeful Spirits
Chapter 0873: Changes at Flaming Devil Cave
Chapter 0872: Epic Calamitous Battle
Chapter 0871: Heaven's Thunder, Hellfire, Mighty Wind
Chapter 0870: Skull World
Chapter 0869: Holy Devil City
Chapter 0868: Fox Demon Queen
Chapter 0867: Assimilation Technique of Dao and Soul
Chapter 0866: Memories from Youth
Chapter 0865: Fearful Might
Chapter 0864: The World Outside
Chapter 0863: Physical Body World
Chapter 0862: Importance of Form
Chapter 0861: Lanternlight Beast
Chapter 0860: Six Worlds, Celestial King Buddha
Chapter 0859: Glass Lamp
Chapter 0858: Giant Skull
Chapter 0857: An All Out Trap
Chapter 0856: Night Breeze Inn
Chapter 0855: A World of Good and Evil
Chapter 0854: Dignified Sword Elemental
Chapter 0853: Primordial Spirit Third Tier
Chapter 0852: Eyes of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 0851: Epitome of Heaven's Fire World
Chapter 0850: Great Dao Is Limitless; My Heart Is Fearless
Chapter 0849: Heaven's Equal of Willpower
Chapter 0848: All Amalgamating Cat
Chapter 0847: A Young Lady and Her Cat
Chapter 0846: Elixir of Fire Spirit
Chapter 0845: Gathering of Ghosts
Chapter 0844: Bloody Yan Cave
Chapter 0843: Stygian Immortal Kunwu
Chapter 0842: Revisiting the Inferno World
Chapter 0841: The Hunt Begins
Chapter 0840: A Perfect Plan
Chapter 0839: Unbounded Sky Pillar
Chapter 0838: Barren Beast
Chapter 0837: Tidings of Her
Chapter 0836: The Will of the Ancient Emperor
Chapter 0835: Lions of the Tundra
Chapter 0834: And the Sky was Swallowed by Dragons
Chapter 0833: The Four Kingmakers
Chapter 0832: Ownage
Chapter 0831: Heavenly Cumulonimbus Blade and Vampire's Hatchet
Chapter 0830: Kingmaker Ying
Chapter 0829: Di Shatian
Chapter 0828: Yan Martial Gates
Chapter 0827: Foursome
Chapter 0826: News from the Immortal's Capital
Chapter 0825: Battle of Devouring
Chapter 0824: The Dagger
Chapter 0823: Ghostly Artificer's Battle Techniques
Chapter 0822: Complete Annihilation
Chapter 0821: Dead Man
Chapter 0820: Ghostly Artificer
Chapter 0819: Huge Scuffle
Chapter 0818: Double-layered Spirit Design
Chapter 0817: Thunder Flame Army
Chapter 0816: Dark Portal of 3,000 Children’s Souls
Chapter 0815: Demon King's Flag of Children Souls
Chapter 0814: Ghostly Yan Honey Trap
Chapter 0813: A Tail
Chapter 0812: The Yan Dragon Fortress
Chapter 0811: Friendship and Trust
Chapter 0810: Saintly Sword of the Dark Spirit Obelisk
Chapter 0809: Yu Chenyang
Chapter 0808: Infernal Inferno
Chapter 0807: Giant Note City
Chapter 0806: Nightmare Extermination Formation
Chapter 0805: Skeletal Flame Dragon
Chapter 0804: Spirit Penetration Art
Chapter 0803: Prince Le's Residence
Chapter 0802: The Might from Dark North
Chapter 0801: Battle in the Immortal's Capital
Chapter 0800: Overturning Heaven Emperor Seal
Chapter 0799: Fighting Together
Chapter 0798: Prince Yao and Three Immortals Kunwu
Chapter 0797: Yan Huang Immortal's Capital
Chapter 0796: Saintly Sword of the Dark Spirit, Heaven Swallowing 10,000 Rampaging Dragons
Chapter 0795: Dark North Royal Obelisk Immortal Palace Design
Chapter 0794: Blood Bonding the Dark North Royal Obelisk
Chapter 0793: Second Tier Primordial Spirit
Chapter 0792: Com-pig-nionship
Chapter 0791: Kingmaker Le
Chapter 0790: Ancient Emperor's Edict
Chapter 0789: The Son-in-law of the Dark North Kingdom.
Chapter 0788: Place of Belonging
Chapter 0787: Seeing the Sun Again
Chapter 0786: Fearless Storm
Chapter 0785: A Man of Impeccable Talents
Chapter 0784: 3,000 Shattered Minor Worlds Imperial Sword
Chapter 0783: 10,000 Spectral Transformations
Chapter 0782: Dark North Imprisonment
Chapter 0781: The Brave Fear Nothing
Chapter 0780: Dark North Cartograph
Chapter 0779: Fight for Power
Chapter 0778: The Final Day
Chapter 0777: A Life and Death Struggle
Chapter 0776: Reverse Scale
Chapter 0775: Returned
Chapter 0774: Heavens Blasting Seal
Chapter 0773: Heavenly Battle Demon
Chapter 0772: Elysian Life Extinguisher
Chapter 0771: Wipe Out Every Last One
Chapter 0770: The Calm before the Storm
Chapter 0769: A Damned Plan
Chapter 0768: Yuan Qinqiong, Jiang Shangyue
Chapter 0767: Three Princes, Two Princesses
Chapter 0766: The Method to Find Demons
Chapter 0765: Underhanded Schemes
Chapter 0764: Eight Dark Immortals' Descent
Chapter 0763: Dark North Soul Lock Spirit Design
Chapter 0762: Marshal Tian Peng
Chapter 0761: Homological Immortal's Legacy
Chapter 0760: Golden Millstone
Chapter 0759: Glacial Netherflame Emperor's Domain
Chapter 0758: Domineering Rise
Chapter 0757: 10,000 Doppelgangers
Chapter 0756: Infinite Eternal Sand Reincarnation Design
Chapter 0755: First Devouring
Chapter 0754: White Eyed Scarlet Hair
Chapter 0753: Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast
Chapter 0752: Second Primordial Spirit
Chapter 0751: Primordial Spirit's Sea of Knowledge
Chapter 0750: Heavenly Dragon Soul Lock
Chapter 0749: Prince You Yan
Chapter 0748: A Pig!
Chapter 0747: Full Moon of Nanshan
Chapter 0746: Twin-Headed Bane
Chapter 0745: Qu Yin
Chapter 0744: Lobster Emperor
Chapter 0743: Ghost Sea Prison
Chapter 0742: Guests of the Dead Souls Prison
Chapter 0741: Underworldly Skeletal Warship
Chapter 0740: Meeting Old Friends
Chapter 0739: Before the Battle
Chapter 0738: Dark Millenium Platform
Chapter 0737: Dark North Royal Obelisk
Chapter 0736: Dark North Battle for Supremacy
Chapter 0735: Dead Souls Prison
Chapter 0734: The battle between the Dragon and Elephant
Chapter 0733: Holy Elephant Hell-shocking Technique
Chapter 0732: The Road to Centurion
Chapter 0731: Ensnarer of Gods and Demon Butcher
Chapter 0730: Toying Around
Chapter 0729: 10th Tier
Chapter 0728: Shadow Swallower
Chapter 0727: Thousand layers of Blood Weeping World
Chapter 0726: Blood Weeping World Technique
Chapter 0725: Demon Hall of Dao Techniques
Chapter 0724: Demon Dao Sect
Chapter 0723: Waves in the Dark North
Chapter 0722: Incriminating
Chapter 0721: Dark Sea Thoroughfare
Chapter 0720: Internal Resolution
Chapter 0719: Court Proceedings
Chapter 0718: Stygian Nightmare Army
Chapter 0717: Cryogenesis Mystique
Chapter 0716: Life Threatening Danger
Chapter 0715: Dark North Emperor Beast
Chapter 0714: Sun's Incandescence
Chapter 0713: Yin Ying
Chapter 0712: Stygian River
Chapter 0711: Darkness Breaching Talisman
Chapter 0710: The Storms of the Alternate World
Chapter 0709: Burning Skies Barracks
Chapter 0708: Covert Conversations
Chapter 0707: Genius Gang of the Dark North Capital
Chapter 0706: Master of Justice
Chapter 0705: Patrolling the Dark North Capital
Chapter 0704: The Secret of the Alternate World
Chapter 0703: Intimidating the Cowards
Chapter 0702: Wang Miao
Chapter 0701: Blood Soul Barracks
Chapter 0700: Black Skeleton
Chapter 0699: Dark Sky General
Chapter 0698: Life and Death is Up to Fate
Chapter 0697: The Resurrected
Chapter 0696: Yan Qing
Chapter 0695: Sealing Day of the Taigu Immortal Path
Chapter 0694: Dark North Royal Palace Summons
Chapter 0693: Satellite Cities of the Dark North Capital
Chapter 0692: Long Black Spear
Chapter 0691: Li Heavenly Province
Chapter 0690: Dark Sea Army
Chapter 0689: Onward to Dark North Capital
Chapter 0688: Shuili Palace
Chapter 0687: Dark North Tribe
Chapter 0686: Fight at Imperial Enchanting Palace
Chapter 0685: Yin Xuan
Chapter 0684: Alcohol Tasting and Dao Discussion
Chapter 0683: Imperial Enchanting Palace
Chapter 0682: Stalker
Chapter 0681: City Lord of Northern Frost
Chapter 0680: World of the Golden Eye
Chapter 0679: Deep Sea Sharks
Chapter 0678: Somersault Cloud
Chapter 0677: The Fourth Mystique
Chapter 0676: Conclusion to the Divine Continent
Chapter 0675: Mindsweeper Dao Technique
Chapter 0674: Unbelievable Changes
Chapter 0673: Rebirth of a Nightmare
Chapter 0672: The Secret of the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence
Chapter 0671: Epic Showdown!
Chapter 0670: Yan Dragon Formation
Chapter 0669: Charade in the City
Chapter 0668: Jin Shengdao
Chapter 0667: Qu Haoyang
Chapter 0666: Lost
Chapter 0665: Yan Dragon Army
Chapter 0664: Connected by Blood
Chapter 0663: Ravaging Lightning Vortex
Chapter 0662: A Way Out
Chapter 0661: Technique of a Ghostly Immortal
Chapter 0660: Soul Manipulation Blood Design
Chapter 0659: Mystical Ice Inferno Realm
Chapter 0658: Eternal Sword Strike
Chapter 0657: Apex Predator on the Immortals' Viewing Platform
Chapter 0656: What Is Insanity?
Chapter 0655: Mutual Slaughter
Chapter 0654: Staging the Assassination
Chapter 0653: Whose Word Counts?
Chapter 0652: Nine-Star Purgatory
Chapter 0651: Jump the Gun
Chapter 0650: Black and White Deities
Chapter 0649: An Explosion of Strength
Chapter 0648: A Final Decision
Chapter 0647: Bonanza
Chapter 0646: Pregnant Tree of Great Dao
Chapter 0645: Dao Destroyer
Chapter 0644: Palaces of Dao Techniques
Chapter 0643: You Mean, This Staff?
Chapter 0642: Back from the Brink
Chapter 0641: Dividing the Spoils
Chapter 0640: A New Panic
Chapter 0639: Immortal’s Viewing Platform
Chapter 0638: Prince Feng and Qingwu Yunsi
Chapter 0657: Ravaging Lightning Serpents
Chapter 0636: Mysterious Large Mountain
Chapter 0635: Sovereign Skyrending Dao Technique
Chapter 0634: Change of Heart
Chapter 0633: Eastern Region Duke
Chapter 0632: Mountain of Lightning
Chapter 0631: Shocking Changes within the Tomb
Chapter 0630: Demonic Flame General
Chapter 0629: Huge Infinity Beast
Chapter 0628: Against 10,000 Dragons
Chapter 0627: Hair-raising
Chapter 0626: Black Candle Light
Chapter 0625: Otherworldly Infinite 10,000 Dragons Staff
Chapter 0624: Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pill
Chapter 0623: Wu Yu, Save Me!
Chapter 0622: Princess You Xue
Chapter 0621: Coffins of Gold and Silver
Chapter 0620: Single Handedly Challenging the Corpses!
Chapter 0619: Lethal Mechanism
Chapter 0618: Muxu Kingdom
Chapter 0617: Phantom Corpse Puppet
Chapter 0616: Clash Of Physical Strength
Chapter 0615: Perennial Shark
Chapter 0614: Great Brahma Nine Flames Warrior Body
Chapter 0613: Qu Haoyan
Chapter 0612: Life and Death Fright!
Chapter 0611: Fright in the Tomb
Chapter 610: Sorry, My Heart Belongs to Another
Chapter 0609: Inhibitor Spirit Design
Chapter 0608: Mysterious Tomb
Chapter 0607: Supreme Speed
Chapter 0606: Truncheon
Chapter 0605: The Path of Pursuit
Chapter 0604: Magical Golden Luan Transformation
Chapter 0603: Advanced Dao Treasure
Chapter 0602: Gravel Path
Chapter 0601: Lightning Blood General
Chapter 0600: Floating Dreams Pagoda
Chapter 0599: The Huge Beast in the River of Time
Chapter 0598: One Hit KO
Chapter 0597: Withering Blackfire Talisman
Chapter 0596: Dark North Kingdom
Chapter 0595: Old Mulberry Region Lord
Chapter 0594: Toxic Plague
Chapter 0593: Blue Ringed Poison Devil
Chapter 0592: Spiritual Trio General
Chapter 0591: Strange Developments
Chapter 0590: Upper Qian Golden Rings
Chapter 0589: Companion
Chapter 0588: The Terrifying Third Mystique
Chapter 0587: Panther General
Chapter 0586: Strange Prince Le
Chapter 0585: The Path of Fear
Chapter 0584: Nine Stygian Purgatories Design
Chapter 0583: Mystical Taia Flames Transformation
Chapter 0582: The Legendary Ancient Emperor
Chapter 0581: Might of the Sun Vessel
Chapter 0580: Prince Le
Chapter 0579: The Fifth Tier
Chapter 0578: Mysterious Door
Chapter 0577: Time Control
Chapter 0576: White Ancient Pagoda
Chapter 0575: Mechanical Skylark Beast
Chapter 0574: Yu Xinghai
Chapter 0573: Skysilver Protector
Chapter 0572: Black Ancient Pagoda
Chapter 0571: Cloud Sea of Time
Chapter 0570: Astounding Change
Chapter 0569: Speed of Life
Chapter 0568: Incomparable Courage
Chapter 0567: Ancient Emperor's Demon Vanquishing Sword Talisman
Chapter 0566: The King's Awakening
Chapter 0565: Extremely Daring
Chapter 0564: Kings of the Spirits of the Universe
Chapter 0563: Lan Tianyu
Chapter 0562: Heavy Coma
Chapter 0561: Lightning Sea
Chapter 0560: Strict Hierarchy
Chapter 0559: Golden Robed Lady
Chapter 0558: Moving Through The Pain
Chapter 0557: Unbeatable Dragon King Buddha Body
Chapter 0556: The Third Kind of Spirit of the Universe
Chapter 0555: The Cardinal Behind
Chapter 0554: Thunder Source Crystal Beast
Chapter 0553: Prince Cloud
Chapter 0552: The Way Out
Chapter 0551: Seven Stars Soul Chasing Design
Chapter 0550: The Cloud Immortal Kingdom
Chapter 0549: Sea Region Demon
Chapter 0548: Numerous Planets
Chapter 0547: The Gateway to the Taigu Immortal Path of Immortals
Chapter 0546: Battle God Guardian Formation
Chapter 0545: Fourth Tier Violet Kingdom
Chapter 0544: The Peak Of The Divine Continent
Chapter 0543: Ink Immortal Palace Guard
Chapter 0542: Like the Arrival of a Lord
Chapter 0541: The Heart Devil of Life and Death
Chapter 0540: Until Fate Brings Us Together Again
Chapter 0539: Ares Battle Armor of the Prime Heavenly Emperor
Chapter 0538: Dual World Life Sealing Incarcerating Talisman
Chapter 0537: The City Lord's Message Talisman
Chapter 0536: Shocking Change!
Chapter 0535: Bloodsucking Curse
Chapter 0534: Curse Insignia Dragon Blood Sword
Chapter 0533: Pinnacle Battle
Chapter 0532: Immortal Palace Painting
Chapter 0531: Slaying The King
Chapter 0530: Star Chasing Celestial Arrow
Chapter 0529: Come And Fight If You Aren't Convinced
Chapter 0528: Pagoda Tempest
Chapter 0527: Demon Wind Locust
Chapter 0526: World Obliterating Furnace
Chapter 0525: Phoenix Against Jiu Ying
Chapter 0524: Nangong's Transformation
Chapter 0523: Doomsday Eyes of the Immortal
Chapter 0522: First Battle
Chapter 0521: The Two Demon Emperors
Chapter 0520: Gusu Yudie
Chapter 0519: Shangyuan Immortal Mountain
Chapter 0518: Undercurrents
Chapter 0517: The Missing Wind Chopping Camp
Chapter 0516: Prime Heavenly Lord Supreme God Technique
Chapter 0515: Divine Continent Heavenly Dragon Trial
Chapter 0514: Taigu Immortal Path
Chapter 0513: Martial Cultivation Kingdom
Chapter 0512: 19 Continents
Chapter 0511: Jambu Realm
Chapter 0510: Conversation in the Deep Sea
Chapter 0509: Difficult Conquest of Dao Treasure
Chapter 0508: Great Karma
Chapter 0507: The New World
Chapter 0506: The Soul of the Hidden Sea
Chapter 0505: Another One Bites the Dust
Chapter 0504: Life and Death Encounter
Chapter 0503: Moment Of Frenzy
Chapter 0502: Ji Lingshuang
Chapter 0501: The Hatred In His Heart
Chapter 0500: The Invincible Ghostly Emperor
Chapter 0499: The Major Battle Of The East Sea
Chapter 0498: The Ultimate Battle
Chapter 0497: The Last Decision
Chapter 0496: The Great Dao Follows the Heart
Chapter 0495: The most difficult choice
Chapter 0494: Necro Lord
Chapter 0493: Heroes From The World
Chapter 0492: A Bolt from the Blue
Chapter 0491: Shocking the Divine Continent
Chapter 0490: Brothers Through Life And Death
Chapter 0489: Sudden Changes
Chapter 0488: Crucible of the Underworld
Chapter 0487: Supreme Twilight Ghostly Sage
Chapter 0486: Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean
Chapter 0485: Nine Hells Reincarnation Scripture
Chapter 0484: Three Fields Ghostly Sage
Chapter 0483: East King Island
Chapter 0482: Four Major Sects
Chapter 0481: The Four Souls Devil Lord
Chapter 0480: Devil Shen Kong
Chapter 0479: Godly Sea Steadying Needle
Chapter 0478: Sword Pointing to the East Sun
Chapter 0477: An Ally Appears
Chapter 0476: Yin Yang Life Plucking Bangle
Chapter 0475: Extreme Pleasure Sect
Chapter 0474: The Daughter of the Eighth Emperor
Chapter 0473: Ghostly Emperor, Necro Lord
Chapter 0472: Capital Wu, Capital Wu!
Chapter 0471: East Sea Calls For Aid!
Chapter 0470: The Arrival of the Seven Immortals
Chapter 0469: Lingering Affection
Chapter 0468: Black Dragons Overpowering All
Chapter 0467: Neptune's Dark Fortress
Chapter 0466: Severing All Ties
Chapter 0465: The Power of Purgatory Chains
Chapter 0464: Green Depths Emperor Sword
Chapter 0463: Betray Your Master And Destroy Your Tribe
Chapter 0462: Return to Shushan!
Chapter 0461: The Black Warship
Chapter 0460: A Core-Tail Talisman From Afar
Chapter 0459: The Promised Day
Chapter 0458: May Fate Bring Us Together
Chapter 0457: Eyes On His Back
Chapter 0456: A Dragon Of The Violet Kingdom Realm
Chapter 0455: Wind and Snow Immortal Domain
Chapter 0454: Turbulent Undercurrents
Chapter 0453: Ancient Array of the Mystical Dragon
Chapter 0452: Parting Gift
Chapter 0451: Mystique Mastery
Chapter 0450: Eyes of Fire and Gold
Chapter 0449: Strange Phenomena in the Immortal Palace
Chapter 0448: Immortal Breaking Art, Casting the Immortal Palace
Chapter 0447: Yu Fuyao of the Heavenly Seas
Chapter 0446: Precursor Dragon Scale
Chapter 0445: Soul Shocking Object
Chapter 0444: Insatiable Greed
Chapter 0443: Single-Side Spirit Lock Formation
Chapter 442: Doors to the Main Hall
Chapter 0441: Precursor Dragon Scale
Chapter 0440: Fleeting Beauty
Chapter 0439: The Spirits of the Universe!
Chapter 0438: Three Generations Yuan Deadly Formation
Chapter 0437: Heaven Devouring Evil Lord
Chapter 0436: Stone Key
Chapter 0435: Beautiful Girl
Chapter 0434: Damask of the Sea's Heart
Chapter 0433: Underground Palace
Chapter 0432: Heaven's Wrath Aftershock
Chapter 0431: Yan Huang Ancient Soul
Chapter 0430: Desolate Ancient World
Chapter 0429: Yan Huang Ancient Well
Chapter 0428: Mega Shopping Spree
Chapter 0427: Champion of the Trial of Yan
Chapter 0426: The Dao That Never Dies
Chapter 0425: The Black Hell Lightning of Heaven's Wrath
Chapter 0424: Mixed Thunder Sword Formation
Chapter 0423: Golden Boy and Jade Maiden
Chapter 0422: The Promise From the Imperial General
Chapter 0421: Direct Confrontation!
Chapter 0420: When Nine Become One
Chapter 0419: Yan Huang Imperial General
Chapter 0418: Mechanical Kirin Beast
Chapter 0417: Battle of Water and Wood
Chapter 0416: Plan Within a Plan
Chapter 0415: Untitled
Chapter 0414: Empress
Chapter 0413: Blood Devouring Ivory Spear
Chapter 0412: Silver-Haired Maniac
Chapter 0411: Trident
Chapter 0410: Heavenly Emperor Sword Wheel
Chapter 0409: Grand Emperor, Chief Emperor
Chapter 0408: Battlefield of Old
Chapter 0407: The Four Geniuses
Chapter 0406: Leaderboard of Trial of Yan
Chapter 0405: Yan Huang War Drum
Chapter 0404: Trial of Yan
Chapter 0403: A New Path
Chapter 0402: Mortal Dong Yue Wu
Chaper 0401: Three Years
Chapter 0400: Peasants
Chapter 0399: Violent Executions
Chapter 0398: Return to Despair
Chapter 0397: The Emergence Of The Blazing Sun
Chapter 0396: Thoroughly Refined
Chapter 0395: Ravaging Ghost Volcano
Chapter 0394: Cangxue Qingfeng
Chapter 0393: Pursuit of a Thousand Miles!
Chapter 0392: Divided, We Rule
Chapter 0391: Demon God
Chapter 0390: Thousand Eyes
Chapter 0389: Black White Double Ghosts
Chapter 0388: Ninth Tier Great Dao
Chapter 0387: Slaying Ghosts
Chapter 0386: The Might Of Heaven Imprisonment
Chapter 0385: Dog Fight
Chapter 0384: First Forays
Chapter 0383: Entering the East Sea
Chapter 0382: Yan Huang Warship
Chapter 0381: An Important Mission
Chapter 0380: Million Swords Formation
Chapter 0379: Dragon Enslavement Heaven Imprisonment Technique
Chapter 0378: A Windfall
Chapter 0377: Seven Eyes Demon
Chapter 0376: Three Thousand Fierce Souls
Chapter 0375: Three-headed Demon
Chapter 0374: Yunxi City
Chapter 0373: Wind God Dao Beauty
Chapter 0372: Qin Fuyao
Chapter 0371: Heaven's Equal Camp
Chapter 0370: Ivory Bone Barb
Chapter 0369: General Gu
Chapter 0368: Verve
Chapter 0367: A Brutal Weapon
Chapter 0366: Immortal Ascension Inn
Chapter 0365: Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff
Chapter 0364: Hall of Clouds
Chapter 0363: Mystical Dragon!
Chapter 0362: City Lord
Chapter 0361: Commander Luo
Chapter 0360: Black Gold
Chapter 0359: Entering the City
Chapter 0358: Sun
Chapter 0357: Reborn
Chapter 0356: Yan Huang
Chapter 0355: Traitorous Disciple
Chapter 0354: Heart of Dao
Chapter 0353: On the Brink of Life and Death
Chapter 0352: A Slap on the Face
Chapter 0351: Fracture
Chapter 0350: Death
Chapter 0349: Changing Circumstances
Chapter 0348: An Old Friend
Chapter 0347: The Black Smoke God Descends
Chapter 0346: Uncertainty
Chapter 0345: Danger Lurks on Every Side
Chapter 0344: Housefly
Chapter 0343: Yin Yang Mountain
Chapter 0342: A Spirit-Petrifying Slash
Chapter 0341: High Level Mission
Chapter 0340: Second Tier Mystique
Chapter 0339: Young Hearts
Chapter 0338: Dao Treasure
Chapter 0337: Disciple of the Seven Immortals
Chapter 0336: Beishan Mo
Chapter 0335: Xuan Immortal Spirit Petrifying Sword Technique
Chapter 0334: Accept Defeat After Losing a Bet
Chapter 0333: War of Vengeance
Chapter 0332: Grand Architect Sword Sage
Chapter 0331: Unrivaled Sea of Swords
Chapter 0330: Thoughts
Chapter 0329: The Rules of The Sword Sages
Chapter 0328: Radiant Phoenix Wings
Chapter 0327: The Phoenix Fairy
Chapter 0326: The Four Sword Sages
Chapter 0325: Hundred Flower Fantasy
Chapter 0324: Mu Lingche
Chapter 0323: Sun and Moon
Chapter 0322: Supreme Immortal Treasures
Chapter 0321: Eight Prison Mountain Godsword
Chapter 0320: Mizar Sword Immortal
Chapter 0319: Shen Xingyao
Chapter 0318: Immortal Battleground
Chapter 0317: Heaven's Equal Cave Abode
Chapter 0316: Huang Sword Domain Domain Master
Chapter 0315: Shadowless Realm
Chapter 0314: Crimson Shadow Sword Sage
Chapter 0313: Shadow Doppelganger
Chapter 0312: Chen Fuyou
Chapter 0311: Li Yijun
Chapter 0310: Immortal Ascension Hall
Chapter 0309: Ten Strands of Hair
Chapter 0308: Unshackled Doppelganger
Chapter 0307: Heaven Dao Mystique
Chapter 0306: Dazzling Gold Galaxy Sword Qi
Chapter 0305: The Demon Spy
Chapter 0304: Below
Chapter 0303: Blood Dragon of Mount Wu
Chapter 0302: Return
Chapter 0301: Crimson Blood Demon
Chapter 0300: Zhu Huang
Chapter 0299: My Own Heart
Chapter 0298: Metallic Stone Hell
Chapter 0297: Metallic Stone Immortal Monkey
Chapter 0296: Wu Yu Slays Six Demons
Chapter 0295: Void Lock
Chapter 0294: Void Bird
Chapter 0293: The Nightmare of the Demons
Chapter 0292: Demon of Yan Huang
Chapter 0291: Yan Huang Immortal Army
Chapter 0290: Illusory Demon Reflector
Chapter 0289: Sabretooth and Speothos
Chapter 0288: Sixth Hunting Ground
Chapter 0287: Soul and Body Disintegration
Chapter 0286: Sinner
Chapter 0285: Chi Haiyin
Chapter 0284: Longevity
Chapter 0283: Glossary of Spirit Design
Chapter 0282: Strongest Demon On The Heavenly Continent
Chapter 0281: The Second Option
Chapter 0280: Moon Chasing Hound
Chapter 0279: The Missing Wu Yu
Chapter 0278: Supreme Hunting Ground
Chapter 0277: Horrifying Monster
Chapter 0276: The Battle of Gigantic Beasts
Chapter 0275: I Want To Become An Immortal
Chapter 0274: Human-shaped Monster
Chapter 0273: Nanwu Treasured Moon Golden Vajra Body
Chapter 0272: Luck That Soared Through the Skies
Chapter 0271: Gates of Hell
Chapter 0270: The Battle To Break Out
Chapter 0269: Spiral of Disaster
Chapter 0268: Ghostly Wings of the Black Mountain
Chapter 0267: True Culprit
Chapter 0266: Out Of Your Expectations
Chapter 0265: The Tragedy Of the Lan Ling Sect
Chapter 0264: Core-Tail Talisman
Chapter 0263: Great Dao Destruction Strike
Chapter 0262: Jiu Ying
Chapter 0261: Young Demon
Chapter 0260: Buried Soul of Qingsang
Chapter 0259: Demon's Massacre
Chapter 0258: Important Mission
Chapter 0257: Nine Palace Dragon Design
Chapter 0256: Dao Enlightenment
Chapter 0255: A Gift
Chapter 0254: Core Sword Cell
Chapter 0253: Transformative Daoist
Chapter 0252: Victors' History
Chapter 0251: Sword of Bloody Rivers
Chapter 0250: Killing God Void Sword
Chapter 0249: Chasing Cloud Bow and Arrow
Chapter 0248: Zhao Xuanxian, He Taiyao
Chapter 0247: Yin Yang Dao Palace
Chapter 0246: Baili Feihong
Chapter 0245: Warring Immortals Hall
Chapter 0244: Punishment Hall's Heaven Surpassing Sword
Chapter 0243: The Sin of Killing your Master
Chapter 0242: Soul Hall
Chapter 0241: Celestial Palace
Chapter 0240: Pure Yang Voidbreaker and Enigmatic Yin Spirit-Seal
Chapter 0239: Isle-Splitter Claymore Art
Chapter 0238: A Vortex of Humanity
Chapter 237 First Time Refining Immortal Medicine
Chapter 0236: Spiritual Sword Palace
Chapter 0235: Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column
Chapter 0234: Yin Yang Dao Sword
Chapter 0233: Achievement Hall
Chapter 0232: Sister Shen
Chapter 0231: Soaring to new horizons
Chapter 0230: Sea Summoning Bauble
Chapter 0229: Galaxy Sword Sage
Chapter 0228: Leaderboard of Swords and Immortals
Chapter 0227: Mountain of Swords and Immortals
Chapter 0226: Cloud Banisher
Chapter 0225: If I Could Live My Life in the Moment We Met
Chapter 224 - Deadly Poison
Chapter 0223: Corpse Flower
Chapter 0222: Soul Devourer
Chapter 0221: Black Talisman
Chapter 0220: Ancient Battlefield at Southeast Thoroughfare
Chapter 0219: Soul Controller Pill, Skeleton's Cuff
Chapter 0218: Leaving Shushan
Chapter 0217: Abyss Guard
Chapter 0216: Atavistic Bloodline
Chapter 0215: Qing Chuanxue, Yu Huasheng
Chapter 0214: Nine Heavens, Land of Women
Chapter 0213: Natural Mystique
Chapter 0212: In Memoriam
Chapter 0211: Green-Eyed Demon Wolf
Chapter 0210: The Second Transformation
Chapter 0209: Lavender Sword
Chapter 0208: Sword of Nine Chops, Golden Bell Armor
Chapter 0207: Vampiric Rat
Chapter 0206: Vajra Sword Talisman
Chapter 0205: Demons' Abyss
Chapter 0204: Dan-Drawing Lines
Chapter 0203: Nangong Wei
Chapter 0202: Shushan Jindan Cave
Chapter 201 - Yan Huang Imperial City
Chapter 200: Primordial Spirit, Dao Contemplation
Chapter 0199: Disciple Amulet
Chapter 0198: Rules for the New
Chapter 0197: Shushan disciple Wu Yu
Chapter 0196: Green Glass Sword Palace
Chapter 0195: Futu Hall
Chapter 0194: Four Major Sword Ranks
Chapter 0193: Your Technique or your Life
Chapter 0192: Blood Bonding Dual Swords
Chapter 0191: Sword of the Mystic Eye and the Blazing Rainbow Sword
Chapter 0190: Homing Soul-Shocker Talisman
Chapter 0189: Complete Domination
Chapter 0188: Stealing Love at Knife Point
Chapter 0187: Slaughter Calabash
Chapter 0186: Frog in the Well
Chapter 0185: Sword Saint Zhang
Chapter 0184: Shushan Comes
Chapter 0183: The Way Forward
Chapter 0182: Clear Sky of Shushan
Chapter 0181: Mad Demon Strikes and Triple Kill of the Heavens
Chapter 0180: Ghosts and the Argenti Chain
Chapter 0179: Wu Yu and Jiu Er
Chapter 0178: Race to the Finish
Chapter 0177: Sky Fox Forging Jindan
Chapter 0176: Scare at Fox Branch Mountain
Chapter 0175: Jiang Xie's Death
Chapter 0174: Swansong
Chapter 0173: Showdown with Tian Yijun
Chapter 0172: Paranormal Pillar of Blood
Chapter 0171: Four-way Carnage
Chapter 0170: Sea of Supernatural Souls Body
Chapter 0169: Carnage on the Bipo Mountain Range
Chapter 0168: The Final Battle
Chapter 0167: Nervousness Hidden Beneath the Flesh
Chapter 0166: Life on a String
Chapter 0165: Beautiful Fox of the Nine Heavens
Chapter 0164: Ninth Spirit's Motives
Chapter 0163: Attacking the Heart
Chapter 0162: Showdown with the Venomous Snake
Chapter 0161: Hunting Grounds
Chapter 0160: Heroic Heart, Slaughtering Demons!
Chapter 0159: An Internal Dilemma
Chapter 0158: Go Hard
Chapter 0157: The Army of Evil Ghosts and Vengeful Spirits
Chapter 0156: Great Dao's Killing Power
Chapter 0155: To Ride the Winds and Crest the Waves
Chapter 0154: Ghost Insects in the Body
Chapter 0153: Heaven Against Hell
Chapter 0152: Eve
Chapter 0151: Homecoming
Chapter 0150: Formless Execution
Chapter 0149: I'll Kill One Hundred Thousand a Day!
Chapter 0148: A Showdown with Jiang Ji
Chapter 0147: Die With No Regrets
Chapter 0146: Dark Entropic Lord
Chapter 0145: Qinghua of the East
Chapter 0144: Great Dao of the Golden Sword
Chapter 0143: Fight with the First Disciple
Chapter 0142: We, the Sword Cultivators!
Chapter 0141: Swords of Stone
Chapter 0140: Fox Demons' Treasure
Chapter 0139: A Lover from a Past Life
Chapter 0138: Dual Purposes, Sword to the Skies
Chapter 0137: Mo Xiudao
Chapter 0136: Sky's Pillar Demon Imprisonments
Chapter 0135: Battle on the Plains
Chapter 0134: Yin Yang Sword Wheel
Chapter 0133: Two Zhang Golden Body
Chapter 0132: Ninth Spirit's Heart
Chapter 0131: Stone Tablet from the Sky
Chapter 0130: Executing Jiang Ding
Chapter 0129: The Will of the Sword
Chapter 0128: The Ninth Spirit is Looking for You
Chapter 0127: Hundred Ghost Devouring Talisman
Chapter 0126: Thunder Seabird
Chapter 0125: Granite Golem
Chapter 0124: Jiu Er
Chapter 0123: Onyx & Pearl Dao Sword
Chapter 0122: Tian Yijun
Chapter 0121: Affection
Chapter 0120: Gathering Qi at High Rush
Chapter 0119: Fight to the Death
Chapter 0118: Mysterious Immortal Root
Chapter 0117: Fight for Glory!
Chapter 0116: Hot Blooded Youth
Chapter 0115: 300 Rays of Dawn Light
Chapter 0114: Supernova Golden Body
Chapter 0113: Dao Sect Comes to Visit
Chapter 0112: Nascent Yin Yang Single Sword Strike
Chapter 0111: 120,000 Years Ago
Chapter 0110: Ninth Spirit
Chapter 0109: Staking Lives
Chapter 0108: New Life
Chapter 0107: Death
Chapter 0106: Viridescent Ivy, Lost Heart Design
Chapter 0105: A Fatal Trap
Chapter 0104: Ambush From All Sides
Chapter 103: Four Dragons Ascension Column
Chapter 0102: Heavenly Sword Sect Disciples
Chapter 0101: Ghost-Faced Ape
Chapter 0100: Gathering Qi in Heaven's Gate
Chapter 0099: Inner Vajra Buddha
Chapter 0098: Sect's Trial
Chapter 0097: Vengeance at the Lake of Jade
Chapter 0096: Femme Fatale
Chapter 0095: Demons Roam
Chapter 0094: Martial Cultivation is Plunder
Chapter 0093: Reunion at the Lake of Jade
Chapter 0092: Tang Batian
Chapter 0091: Beacon of Flame
Chapter 0090: 100-year Adult Demons
Chapter 0089: Valley of Immortal Fate
Chapter 0088: Aquacore Reflection
Chapter 0087: Golden Taiyi Constellation Blade
Chapter 0086: Nine Dragons Ascension Column
Chapter 0085: Zhao Changtian, Yi Qingfeng
Chapter 0084: Lan Shuiyue
Chapter 0083: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth
Chapter 0082: Five Affinities Swordsmen
Chapter 0081: Flying Wooden Tiger
Chapter 0080: Gold and Jade Sword Core
Chapter 0079: Dao Querying Pagoda, Scripture Holding Depository
Chapter 0078: Spiritual Qi Spring
Chapter 0077: Godly Movement Bodyguard Talisman
Chapter 0076: The Empress of Dong Yue Wu
Chapter 0075: Supreme Godkiller Art
Chapter 0074: Gilded Ruler
Chapter 0073: Fixed Body Art
Chapter 0072: Ground Demon Transformation Art
Chapter 0071: Gathering Qi in Heaven's Hall
Chapter 0070: Great Way of Immortality Art
Chapter 0069: Chaos of Ming Long
Chapter 0068: Almighty Demon
Chapter 0067: Five Day Horror
Chapter 0066: Wu You Disappears
Chapter 0065: Explosion of Qi and Blood!
Chapter 0064: Tornado of Anger and Fire
Chapter 0063: Truth
Chapter 0062: Burning Boiling Blood!
Chapter 0061: Return to Capital Wu
Chapter 0060: Condensing Qi in the Forest
Chapter 0059: Spiritual Marks and Lifegiving Fruit
Chapter 0058: Fight in the Palace
Chapter 0057: Jade-based Fire
Chapter 0056: Eastern Suppression Army
Chapter 0055: Firestorm Horsetail Whisk
Chapter 0054: The Sternum's Spiritual Source
Chapter 0053: 10 Tiers of Condensing Qi
Chapter 0052: Scarlet Sea's Seven Ghosts
Chapter 0051: The Golden Dao
Chapter 0050: Soul Summoning Banner
Chapter 0049: The Next Life
Chapter 0048: Life on a Thread
Chapter 0047: The Ghost of Capital Wu
Chapter 0046: Wave of Darkness
Chapter 0045: Subterfuge in Tian Wu Hall
Chapter 0044: Spectral Concubine
Chapter 0043: Brother Sister Alliance
Chapter 0042: Demon Slaying in Capital Wu
Chapter 0041: Bone-Adhering Fire
Chapter 0040: The Ghostly God Arrives
Chapter 0039: Jiang Junlin
Chapter 0038: My Name is Sun Wudao.
Chapter 0037: Prince Yuan Chen
Chapter 0036: Sumeru Pouch
Chapter 0035: 10,000 Sword Stone Door
Chapter 0034: Demon Subduing Golden Staff
Chapter 0033: Wu Yu Pays Respects to Master
Chapter 0032: Indomitable Immortal Ape
Chapter 0031: Lightning Demon Metamorphosis
Chapter 0030: Art of Lightning Control
Chapter 0029: Mo Shishu
Chapter 0028: Demonic Blood
Chapter 0027: Immortal Ape Transformation
Chapter 0026: Zhongyuan Dao Sect
Chapter 0025: Immortal Kingdom Supervisor
Chapter 0024: Sweeping Golden Inferno
Chapter 0023: Stained Glass Palace
Chapter 0022: Drunk Over the Sword Dao
Chapter 0021: Golden Inferno Dragon Slayer Art
Chapter 0020: Golden Meridians and Inner Ape
Chapter 0019: Dong Yue Wu Ancestral Celebrations
Chapter 0018: Seven Days and Seven Nights
Chapter 0017: Nirvanic Rebirth
Chapter 0016: Battling on Heaven's Lament
Chapter 0015: Worthy to Live On
Chapter 0014: The East Sea Severs the Giant Whale
Chapter 0013: Immortal Promotion Plateau Showdown
Chapter 0012: Spirit Concentration Pill, Demon Banishing Blade
Chapter 0011: Devil Ape's Demon Transformation
Chapter 0010: Your Life Be At Stake!
Chapter 0009: Immortal's Path, Immortal Promotion Plateau
Chapter 0008: Heavenly Palace
Chapter 0007: Murder in the Dark Night
Chapter 0006: Invincible Vajra Body
Chapter 0005: Milky Way Suppressing Godly Metal Treasure
Chapter 0004: Wu Yu's Death
Chapter 0003: Jindan Immortal
Chapter 0002: Three Thousand Immortal Kingdoms
Chapter 0001: Heaven's Eyes