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trukzo > The Enemies who Love each other > 1 Prologue
[Holy Dragon Soran, I am the Hero of Light Haruto and I have traveled many miles to ask for your assistance in defeating the Demon King]

A Human with Green Eyes and Black hair yelled after entering my cave. The Sun had just risen and I was not in a good mood since yesterday and even more so now that this bumbling idiot and his harem he brought along started yelling.


[Great then we can- wait for what]

The Hero wasn't expecting me to say no. Which is a given since the humans believe I'm their savior because I had to do a favor for the Goddess of Light.

[I'm not going]


[Why do I have to endanger my life just because you humans can't just give up a piece land to the demons]

I'm not going to leave my comfortable cave to go fight in a war. Plus I have a lot to worry about right now. I have a life too.

[But thousands of humans are being slaughtered because of the demons]

[Thousands of humans are slaughtered every time you humans fight your little wars]

It's their fault for causing this situation. All they need to do is stop expanding and leave the other races alone and maybe world peace would be achieved. All the problems in the world are caused by their greed.

[Without your help thousands of more humans will die]

[Then why did they summon you, the only reason your helping is because they haven't given you the full picture of their deeds. You help them because they know that humans from another world are always sympathetic to their situation.]

[T-That's not true]

[Oh please you summoned heroes are all the same easy to control, Now shut up and leave before you awake something worse than me telling you to leave then both of us will be in trouble]

I was not lying. My mate was still sleeping deep inside the cave and she gets angry when someone disturbs her sleep. First, she's angry and commanding then if you don't listen to her she will force you to listen to her. The last time I disobeyed her she set the forest on fire to hunt me down.


Now he's yelling even louder. If I had hands right now I would facepalm

[SHhh I'm serious stop yelling]



I guess it's too late now. Well, I guess I better start running. I walked out of the cave and spread my wings

[Where are you going]

[I'm running away. I suggest you do the same because you awoke a beast that even I fear.]

I flew up above the cave so I could still see what's the spectacle. The hero was still standing at the entrance of the cave looking up at me. His Harem had looks of confusion on there face. They weren't at all concerned about what I just said until.



My wife came out of the cave looking for the said disturbance. She was the Black Dragon of Death and Despair who had fought with the 5th Demon King 5000 years ago. She was the most beautiful Dragon I

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