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trukzo > Mated to The Dark Lord > 31 31. The Fallen King
Shani's POV

"Savaric! What the hell happened to him?" my vision was getting blurry, I was suffocating.

No no no no....he promised me!

His handsome face was very pale, his back shield was broken and mashed badly. I wouldn't have to imagine what kind of damage caused to his back, his spine...oh my god, will he be able to walk or even sit again?

I didn't have the strenght to stand up anymore, and was about to fall if Sabina was not there to support me.

"My queen, please...let me help you. Maven sent me to usher you to king Arkael's chamber..."

"Warrior Savaric, please follow me Muriel and Maven are already there." She said as she sees Savaric by his side.

Sabina helped me to Arkael's chamber, she was by my side and was giving me more strenght. But I was loosing hope already, I could only watch as they were all busy striping off the shield from his damaged body.

You promised me...I fucking love you...

"...my queen..."

It wasn't untill Maven was in front of me then I realize, that he was calling me to assist him.

"He promised...he fucking promised me..." my body shook with great sadness, which was slowly fading when Sabina touched my hand. I could see that see was absorbing my sadness. She was suddenly teary, but she nodded to Maven.

"My queen, please follow me."

I slowly got up when I felt nothing, my sadness was gone but nothing else was replacing it. It was just an empty feeling on nothingness.

"Maven? I don't think..."

"Please my queen, I have predict this and you will need to assist me." He said it sternly, knowing that I would quickly object.

What the fuck?

"No...you are not serious..." my voice was small as I retorted him.

"My queen you may punish me later, but now I need you to chant his spell. Only your power can heal him, your bond with him. Please my queen we don't have a lot of time."

His words took me out of my thoughts. I was lethargic, but Sabina helped me to his side, seeing him in his wounded stage my tears fall for him again. The sadness came back in a big wave, shocking Sabina who was still by my side.

"My queen, please save him. I will take it away later, I promise you." She looked at me knowingly.

Maven put more ointment on his back, he was still unconscious, not moving at all. Then Savaric and Muriel assisted him in clearing up the space, taking all Arkael's already ruined shield out of his chamber.

"My queen it's time...just the simple healing spell your bond will be the one thing that will strengthen him." Maven gave me the rest of the ointment to apply to his back, while I chant the spell.

I did the ritual, and Sabina was by my side wiping my tears away from time to time. I finally finished it moments later, but he was not waking up.

"Why is he not waking up? You told me that he would wake up?" I was trying to keep myself grounded in from of him, while in reality I was crumbling on the inside.

"Give him a couple of hours, my queen."

"Stop calling me queen. I won't be one if he dies on me." I finally snapped at him. But then Sabina wrapped me in her embrace, until I burst and breakdown in her arms.

"Maven, I will assist her she will make him all better." She nodded to him then he finally left us.

"Why don't you lay down and let king Arkael absorbs your healing energy."

She helped me to his bed and lay beside him. I was facing his pale face, his eyes were closed, his lips were equally pale.

Sabina lower her hands to my temple and gives me her energy, I've seen her do this to Rain before. But I was truly amazed, when I feel the peace and happiness that I always feel whenever I was with him.

"Thank you." That was the last thing I said when Sabina silently backed away, and leave me and Arkael alone.

I snuggled in closer to Arkael, his body was cold. He was kept lying on his stomach because of his back injury, his face was sideways facing me. I was caressing his handsom

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