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trukzo > Mated to The Dark Lord > 36 36. Epilogue
Four years later

"Oh my god Arkael! I swear that kid of yours is going to be the death of me." Shani sighed exaggeratedly while still holding on to her scissors.

"Baby, he's your kid too. He even has your freckles." I said while quickly peck her freckled cheeks.

"Audric my boy, sit and stop running around. Let your mom cut your hair."

"I DON'T WANT TO! it's going to hurt. Daaad....save me!" he was whining and screaming at the same time. His little chubby hands sprawled out to me, trying to get me to pick him up.

I couldn't help myself and finally let out a laughter, which make my dearest beautiful wife pouted equally adorable.

"Both of you are equally killing me with your cuteness. Come here..."

I picked up my little guy with one hand and pulled my feisty mate for a kiss with the other.

"Eeeew....gross. Down...put me DOWN!! Daddy noooo...it tickles!"

He kept on laughing when I let Shani go to tickle his waist. That kid would do anything for not getting tickled.

Shani finally laughed at Audric.

"Okay, I'll tell daddy to stop if you let me cut your hair. I promise it wouldn't hurt."

"Pinky promise?" the little guy held out his pinky finger to his mom.

"Pinky promise, and I'll top it off with your favorite triple chocolate ice cream?"

"Deal!" Audric said excitedly.

Half an hour later the previously longhaired four year old, was looking sharp with his short cut hair.

"I don't think he realize how easy living with a short hair..." I circled my hands on her waist reaching her small baby bump. I could never get enough of her pregnant body.

"No, he's too busy with his ice cream..." she said looking at our son who managed to cover himself, with chocolate stains all over his shirt and chubby cheeks.

"...look I'm cooking dinner then it's your turn to bathe him. I'm taking my mommy break." She said turning herself facing me.

"I'll take care of you later my queen." I lowered myself down and whispered in her ear, perfectly know that it would arouse her very much. Her pregnancy hormones excites me. I could get her wet just with a whisper or a simple touch.

"Arkael, go...not now. I need to fix the little guy's dinner. And if you play nice you will get your dessert too."

She was teasing me, as she intentionally brush her hand between my legs making me groaned. But then Audric cried when his ice cream fall to the floor making another mess.

"Don't worry baby, I got this...you go do dinner and make sure I get my dessert."

Two hours later the house was quiet. Shani already tucked Audric in his room.

She was already in bed when I enter our bedroom freshly showered, with a towel low on my waist just the way she preferred it.

I never knew that four years after our mating bond, life could get any better for me. But it did, I have a beautiful family. Shani still consults and help her clients with their trouble, and I was actually getting famous by carving

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