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trukzo > Mated to The Dark Lord > 28 28. Witch Plan
"Arkael, we really need to get out of bed or you're going to be drain again and we would never leave this hell."

"Mmmhh...that is not such a bad idea. We could lounge all day and make love and...."

"How about your King's duties once you decide to reside back here? Not to mention the scheduled war, the training for the soldiers, the constant nagging from the unsatisfied beeings...don't say you love them more than lounging on earth and do nothing but carved all day and do me all night?"

"Damn...you make very good point, okay I'm up were meeting Ranulf and Rain soonest and settle your elder stuff."

She slithered her hand around my shoulder, as I take her away from the bed along with me. We dipped in the royal bath for another steamy make out session then get dressed. She was still not used to the vast emptiness of the bath, but I proved her other wise. Everytime.

"You two lovebirds decided to finally join us." Ranulf said casually as his hand caresses Rain's.

"You look like you're enjoying yourself too my King." I said smirking at the fallen angel.

"I'm not complaining. So, Shani... Rain here had explain to me about your elders saying they want to restore balance to hell. It's an easy enough task that I can help you with. Though I gather that they were more into wanting to secure their realm..." Ranulf started to explain himself, as Rain sits comfortably by his side.


"Obviously they didn't want any witch to be creative enough, to venture and mess with their existence with the help of the demons. Now here is where you would be benefited...."

Shani was squeezing my hand, as she could finally feel that her elders issue would one day end. I took her hand and kissed her knuckles.

"...since I actually think and believe that Rain is very good at what he do, he can help you...Maven will obviously assist you from our end. But this task will bring you leverage, it would make you untouchable by your elders. They would not dare mess with you and your mate."

Ranulf looked pleased at himself, I know he was buttering up to Rain by helping his witch bestfriend.

"And by doing so, we will be getting our demons back and put them back to their places. So, obviously it's a win win for all of us."

"Right, well...what do I need to do?" she was getting into the point, and quickly wanting this over and done with.

I was resting my back to the seat as we all gather at the royal court, and discuss our strategy which turned out to be quite a simple one.

"I have indicated the covens, being one of the oldest coven on earth we managed to summoned most of them and myself almost half of them..." Rain cleared his throat as he was taken back to the previous events, as to why he was summoning those demons.

"...there are five covens, but there were thirty seven demons that were sucessfully summoned and shackled as their slaves. My coven included." Rain said with a sorry looked in his eyes.

"Rain, you are not saying sorry. It is meant to be, you should know that by now living in our kind of worlds." Shani finally speak up, and calmed him down with her words.

Ranulf draped his wing on his shoulder, and it seemed to relax him even more.

"Come let us join Maven at his sanctuary, so we can finish this sooner. Then you can finally be free from your elders. He is waiting for us right now." Ranulf said getting up from his seat.

We all went to Maven's and reach his minutes later. He was brewing a concoction in the cauldron. His greyish body and wings seemed to blend with the surrounding walls.

"Maven, let our human witches in on your plan. Arkael, while you're here do you want to join me and hunt down some crawlers? Just leave the boring witching arrangements to Maven. He's more than capable." Ranulf said while caressing Rain's back.

I smirked and nodded my head. "Shani, I'm leaving you for a couple of hours okay?"

"Okay, have fun. I know I will..." sh

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