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trukzo > Mated to The Dark Lord > 32 32. Angry Queen
She was really angry with me, she had spent her mornings and afternoons these past two days with Maven with an excuse that she needs to get everything done and let me heal.

She would cuddle up with me at the end of the day giving me her strength, but I could tell that she was not giving her all.

"Your healing process is going too slow my king." Maven said as he was checking my back injury.

"You think?! Look...is she done yet with those demons? I really need to settle this back on earth. She's not being herself here."

I was upset with Maven, obviously for putting me in the position. I understand that it was needed but it was still irritating for me.

It was hours later when I finally had the extra patience to deal with her. I didn't want both of us to snap when we argue, I know exactly how she could be very passionate with her arguments. I needed to be calm and settle this once and for all.

"Shani... we should talk."

I was able to function my daily routine already, and had been assisting Ranulf to keep myself busy while waiting for her.

"Arkael no we don't, can we just..."

I wasn't going to take her excuse.

"You do understand that if I told you about Maven's vision, it would get altered and I could be in more danger because I..."

"Arghh! I know! I FUCKING KNOW!.."

Here we go...

"Baby...." I reached out for her, trying to calm her down.

We were getting ready to end the day, and obviously it was still not a good time for her.

"Don't you fucking baby me...you don't now the despair that I felt for you..." she started crying when I take her and embraced her in my arms.

"I'm sorry love...please..."

"You fucking promised me!" she voiced her words while sobbing.

She was trying to get away from me, but I was keeping her in my embrace.

"I'm so sorry..."

"You promised..." she finally said in a much calmer tone.

"I'm here, I love you and I'm here for you. You saved me and I'm here to love you... please let me love you." I whispered in her ear and slowly carry her in my arms taking her to the bed.

She didn't say anything. But I could feel that she was missing my touches. I was slowly striping her naked, not too much of an effort with what she was wearing down in hell.

"Arkael, we should not...you should rest. You're not fully healed yet."

"Hmm...and whose fault was it?" I asked while taking my clothes off. I could see her eyes wondered to my body, and I know I got her hooked when she bite her lip.

She was about to retort when I finally silenced her and kissed her deeply. I was holding her waist and my other hand was clinging on to her side just under her breast possesively.

Her hands were grabbing onto my arms as she tried to hold down her urges. It won't be long now.

She finally let out a moan and grip my arms harder, as I lower myself down and start nibbling on her nipples. And she lost it when I bite and lick it, then take them into my mouth and suck them one by one.

"Arkael...oh my..."

That was when I felt it, her emotion, her passion, her love surging throughout her body making me even harder.

"I missed you love...." I said, trailing my kisses downwards.

She was giving me her all when I started pleasuring her with my tongue. Until she finally burst giving me her strenght in her climax, I groaned while licking her dry.

"I love you my queen...always." I whispered my words and enter her in one hard thrust, making her gasped and screamed my name harder.

She looked at me biting her lip as I keep on fucking her harder and faster, she was pulling me down and kissed me, tasting herself.


"Baby I'm going to..."



"I said stop..." she said breathless.

"...on your back..." she continued.

I pulled out, groaning. My dick was still throbbing for her, I laid back watching her, feeling her stroking the tip of my shaft that was wet from her arousal.

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