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trukzo > Mated to The Dark Lord > 2 2. The Struggle
"Damn, you were one...come on Dariel would want to meet you." The cupid gargoyle fellow walked before me, he didn't thank me for rescuing him. But hey... I guess in the pit of hell there was no need for manners.

We eventually reached their so called camp, it was hidden inside the caves molded into the stone mountains. It was surrounded by trenches of hot molten lava coursing through its path.

"Why are we not bursting into flames by now? those lava looked boiling hot." I questioned Savaric.

But he just gestured to his own body then to mine. Mmhh...hmm... hell power it is then.

He introduced me to several beings there, he said that they were all human once. I saw less than ten creatures there, each with different shapes and sizes. Dariel was the first one who greeted me.

"You might as well get yourself settled here, it'll be a while for you." The red looking man said to me, he was the one with the most humanly feature from the rest of us.

That day I found out just how long, I would be condemn to this forsaken land. He gave me a book showing my future, it was unfolding right in front of me. Two hundred years, I was doomed in this hell hole for two hundred years.

That goddamn sorceress!


It was months later after I was sent to hell, when I find out how being a true immortal really felt like. That forsaken day I was captured by the creepy crawlers. It was Savaric's term for indicating them, he said their native name once, but the language was far too ancient for me to remember.

"Oh we're going to have so much fun with you." One of the crawlers hissed his words in my ear, as he slit his very sharp finger nails and draw blood to my thick shard skin upper arm. I was shackled to the low dungeon ceiling, my body was forced to bend and my head bow lower, my arms were hanging on each side of my body.

"He looks so strong, I bet he could withstand anything. Here...here...let me try...." the taller bony crawlers came up to me and draw his sharp knife like nails and slid them across the length of my back side, and stopped just above my hips. I could feel my flesh teared open, making me scream in pain loudly.

"Arrghhhh...stop...it...nooo...umpph..." I slumped as far as my restraints allow me to, while they kept on tearing my body, torturing me. I could hear the little cupid-gargoyle words in my head.

"Just keep yourself away from the crawlers they are the worst. You don't want to get caught by them, they know we're immortal down here. The things that they can do to you is beyond words. I was in their dungeon for almost a decade, until I finally manage to kill one of them and run anyway from their grasps." He said one day, when he saw me walking towards their area.

Months later I had carelessly wondered to their area again, I was looking for a way out. Thinking that as an immortal, my time was best spent in finding a way out of this hell hole rather than trying to survive.

But that day, I w

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