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trukzo > Mated to The Dark Lord > 14 14. The Vision
I quickly pulled up my pants, grabbed my other shirt and went after her. Then stop when she gasp as she opened the door revealing Florence and Walter. She had an amused expression, while Walter was looking a bit mad.

But why?

I quickly put on my shirt, when I noticed that Florence was smirking obviously knew what had just happened between Shani and me.

Then Shani awkwardly let everyone inside, while Walter was still tensed.

"Shani, I see that you're getting yourself quickly acquainted with him...."

"Walt baby..." Florence tried to calm him down.

"Walter, I do not like how you addresses my future wife." I eventually said when he was being disrespectful towards her.

"I believe that you should get to know her first before you hit the sack!" Walter was coming closer to me, obviously wanting to fight me but for all the wrong reasons.

From Shani's story I gathered that Walter was being an overly protective big brother.

"My darling, how would you like me to proceed with this nuisance?" I asked my future wife calmly, making him more irritated.

"You should do nothing. I've known Walter for years, he's just not used to seeing me with a man. Walter, Florence please take a seat while I make some tea for both of you. Arkael, would you help me in the kitchen?"

"But I'm a man, I should sit while woman waits on me?" I asked her feeling confused. But then she let out the most beautiful laughter, making Walter looked at his mate. I guessed he had never hear her laughing so freely, and I guessed that the future has another different manner for a woman waiting on her man.

"I'll help you..." Walter quickly got up, but then I told him to sit, if she wanted me then I'd do it.

Then Florence and Walter were whispering a bit too harshly, while she was still trying to calm him down.

"I think, they're having one of those lovers quarrel. I don't think it's you." I whispered to Shani, then she quickly cast them a glance and agreed with me.

"Shani I'm sorry for this, we will talk later...Arkael, you have my permission to do what's necessary with him." Florence said abruptly, while walking to the door leaving Walter behind.

Then he grabbed her hand roughly, making her winced and teary. I didn't know their problem, but I do know that he was hurting her.

"Get your hand off of her. She is to be treated nicely, and you're making her cry." I was by her side quickly.

He eventually took his hand off of her, with a realization that he had just bruised her with his tight grip. Then she was looking at him, while he was doing the same.

But then she eventually backed away from him, and I was shielding her from Walter, Shani was taking Florence then embraced her warmly.

I told him to calm down and give her some space. "She's safe here. Let her sort out her feelings?"

"Flo baby, please come home with me..." he was asking her one last time, but she shook her head at him then Shani whispered her c

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