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trukzo > Mated to The Dark Lord > 21 21. Hell on Earth
I was too far gone to realize that I might've hurt her. I was gripping her too tight and she was shedding her tears because of me.


Her small figure shuddered as I finally let her go.


Deep down I know she was hurting, but it wasn't because of my hold to her.

"I want to go back, can we go back home now?" she snuggled closer to me and I could feel her tears on my chest.

"Shani...please tell me what's wrong. I can't read your mind...baby?"

She flinched as I said the last word.

Condom. Damn. But this was not our first. I was bare last time too.

"Shani, I'm so sorry love. I'll arrange things we will leave soonest. It will be okay...look at me..." I cupped her cheek and kiss her tears away.

"I'm so damn old, I might not be able to produce anymore."

I could hear her let out a small laugh, making me relax a little bit.

"So, I'm guessing the age gap is a non issue with you?"

She let another laughter while slapping my chest playfully. I was smiling at her and pulling her close to my chest.

"I'll take care if you, any twisted turns up ahead we will face it together. We can do this my love."

"I love you, but I'm scared...I'm not ready...the baby, the elders, I don't want them...hurting the baby...the future of the baby..."

I engulfed her to my chest and kissed her hair. "I'm going to call the nymphs to take care of you and calm you down. I will settle everything with Ranulf and Rain then we're getting ourselves out here."

Five minutes later I was out the door, and went straight to Ranulf's chamber knowing he said he'll be there after we parted.

I knocked on the door and was let inside by the nymphs, who were apparently there with a very flustered looking Rain.

That guy had seriously never been with female beings.

"Muriel, Sabina I will need both you to tend to Shani. We will be leaving here soonest, just calm her down while I finish everything with Ranulf and Rain." They nodded and left us to our privacy.

"Rain was just telling me his story about the crawlers who kidnapped his mate. So, you want to join our playtime in the dungeon?" Ranulf asked as he wrapped his arm around his waist.

Hmm...when did he get all friendly?

"I will watch, but then we're going back up. It's Shani, we have issues and need to solve it back on earth."

Ranulf nodded and usher Rain to the dungeon, while I followed him on this other side.

We reached the dingy cells moments later. It were still filled with unearthly beings. Some fainted, while others were being tortured. I could hear Ranulf softly trying to calm Rain, who was looking very tense and pale at that moment.

But I surely didn't expect to hear a very loud feral growl coming from Rain. He was gripping on to the steel bar of the dungeon, which shelter five crawlers that Ranulf and myself brought back earlier.

All of the five crawlers instinctively pull back to the wall, but then Rain hunched lower. His hands touched the ground as his bones start crackling, and his body ripped his clothes off.

And that was when he shifted, I've heard about werewolf before but I've never seen one let alone seeing it transforming to one. It was a sight to behold, the anger that he let out, the growl, the grunts were full of power.

Ranulf looked pleased at him, he was smirking at the crawlers and then he moved bravely in front of the very large muscular black haired wolf, and caressed his thick fur. His dark wings trailed the floor as he move forward to open the lock. Then he spread his wing and nudged the wolf inside the dungeon.

There were growling and roaring, wailing cries of pains, slashing of skins, limbs tearing, agonizing screams from the crawlers, moments later there was only silence. But the blood smeared on the walls were indications of what were left from the crawlers.

Suddenly the surroundings were busy again with the sounds of torture from the dungeon cells.

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