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trukzo > The Indifferent Young Master\'s Flash Marriage > Chapter 1069 - So What If He Abused His Powers?!
Chapter 1069: So What If He Abused His Powers?!

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Ye Linlang was stunned when she heard Yin Zihan’s stern scolding.

She lowered her head and noticed that she had grabbed the other party’s hand on the spur of the moment!

This was indeed a little inappropriate…

Ye Linlang’s face alternated between red and white. She quickly withdrew her hand in embarra.s.sment. However, when she thought of this fellow’s horrifying behavior, she still took a deep breath and prepared to convince him with reason.

“It was indeed my bad for suddenly grabbing you just now. I apologize to you, Student Yin. I’m sorry.”

Yin Zihan did not expect this pet.i.te girl in front of him to apologize so readily.

He raised his eyebrows and took a few more glances at Ye Linlang..

In front of him was a girl who was a full head shorter than him. Her skin was a little sickly white, and her bangs were messy, covering most of her clear eyes.

After weakening her black eyes, Ye Linlang’s face could only be described as delicate and pretty.

In Ling Yun High School, she would definitely be an unremarkable cabbage.

Even though Yin Zihan rarely came to school and was too lazy to remember who his cla.s.smates were, with Ye Linlang’s face and her plain clothes, Yin Zihan almost immediately concluded that she was a new transfer student.

He snorted coldly and thought that Ye Linlang was just like the other girls in the past, using all kinds of tricks to attract his attention!

Otherwise, why would Ye Linlang be the first to rush over and teach him a lesson?

Wasn’t she just trying to make a risky move and leave a deep impression on him?

“Hey, why are you acting like this? Did you think it was funny when you grabbed my hand just now? If you want to attract my attention, just say it.”

Yin Zihan’s peach blossom-like eyes were slightly raised, but his eyes were full of mockery.

Ye Linlang immediately choked!

Why was this man so narcissistic?

Wasn’t he just a little devilish? Did he really think that everyone was head over heels for him?

The students who were frightened by Yin Zihan tearing the book suddenly reacted.

They laughed loudly, and the whole cla.s.s looked at Ye Linlang with disdain.

It must be what young master Yin said. If Ye Linlang didn’t want to seduce Yin Zihan, why did she want to be in the limelight?

Moreover, who didn’t know Yin Zihan’s name when they came to Ling Yun High School?

The son of the school director was a famous school hunk. He had been popular since junior high school. How could Ye Linlang not have heard of such a famous person!

Moreover, Ye Linlang had chosen Yin Zihan’s seat. She was probably not naive, but was deliberately trying to get close to young master Yin?

When Ye Linlang heard the laughter of the cla.s.s, she felt that it was very ear-piercing.

Who would like Yin Zihan?!

It was only her first day at Ling Yun High School. Why was she being so conspiratorial?!

Ye Linlang pursed her lips and looked up at Yin Zihan. Even though she was much shorter than this youth, she was still not willing to show any weakness.

“Student Yin, do you know that narcissism is a disease? If you have a disease, you need to be treated! Do you really think that everyone will be in love with you just because you are some kind of celebrity?”

Before Ye Linlang finished her sentence, the other voices in the cla.s.s suddenly fell silent!

Are you kidding me?

This girl called Ye Linlang actually dared to talk back to Yin Zihan?

Was she trying to make a name for herself, or did she think that she had stayed at Ling Yun High School for too long?

Even Yin Zihan himself was stunned.

From his point of view, he could see the disdain in Ye Linlang’s eyes.

The lights in the cla.s.sroom shone in Ye Linlang’s eyes like broken gold, s.h.i.+ning with a warm l.u.s

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