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Chapter 889: Did I Agree to Give You Face?

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When Gu Si heard Leng Xuan’s words, he scoffed. “Did I agree to give you face?”

The corners of Leng Xuan’s eyes turned red as fury arose in her. Thinking of past and newly formed grudges, she said through gritted teeth, “Gu Si, I advise you to cherish the lives you and Gu Mang have now!”

Each and every word sounded like a threat.

Gu Si had a look of disdain on his face. “What a coincidence. I love to seek death.”

Leng Xuan’s chest heaved intensely. She was so indignant that her expression became twisted, making her look sinister and unpleasant.

“What kind of trash is thinking to threaten me?” The corners of Gu Si’s lips curled up coldly and ruthlessly.


Having been berated in front of so many people, Leng Xuan flew into a rage out of humiliation, completely losing her rationality. She reached out to grab Gu Si.

Before she could touch Gu Si, someone’s leg slammed against her arm suddenly.

Leng Xuan’s face darkened as she dodged it. She saw Bai Sui’s expressionless face.

Pursing her lips, she seemed to not have given up on hurting Gu Si.

“Stop right there!” The Head Elder took a few steps forward with his hands behind his back, positioning himself between Gu Si and Leng Xuan.

The others might not be able to tell what Gu Si was going to do. However, the Head Elder could read him clearly. Gu Si was not afraid of death at all, having been brought up by Gu Mang.

Since Gu Si had came to the Leng residence today, he would surely make Leng Xuan pay the price even if he had to risk everything.

Now, all they could do was pacify him.

The Head Elder glanced at Leng Xuan, warning her to be more rational.

Then, he turned towards Gu Si. “You are creating a ruckus at the Leng residence simply to seek justice for Gu Mang?”

Gu Si laughed. “I’m sorry but what is justice?”

The Head Elder was slightly taken aback. “What do you mean?”

Gu Si’s eyes became crescents as he said in a light and slow voice, “I want her to die.”

Instantly, everyone in the hall froze.

It was only then did they realize that Gu Si was deathly serious.

Leng Xuan’s veins tensed up.

“If I’m miserable, I will make everyone else feel miserable too. We should all just die together.” Gu Si laughed and said, “What I want is Leng Xuan’s life. If all of you don’t want to die, you guys should turn around and leave.”

He left no room for negotiation.

The Head Elder stared at Gu Si with a turbid and sharp gaze. The child’s gaze was dark and filled with ruthlessness.

He met the Head Elder’s eyes straight on.

Five long seconds pa.s.sed.

The Head Elder sighed deeply. Narrowing his eyes, he left no means of retreat for Gu Si and said, “Even if you aren’t scared of dying, can’t you think for your sister?”

There was a subtle change in Gu Si’s expression. It did not escape the Head Elder’s gaze.

Hence, he added, “You want Leng Xuan’s life. Are you thinking of dragging your sister into this as well?”

Gu Si pursed his lips. He lowered his gun ever so slightly.

His determination seemed to be wavering. Seeing this, the Head Elder regained some composure.

Leng Xuan also noticed. She heaved a huge sigh of relief as she looked at Gu Si with disdain. She had thought that the Gu siblings were fearless and brave. In the end, Gu Si was still within her control.

After tonight, she would never ever let Gu Mang and Gu Si off the hook.

Seeing how Gu Si remained silent, the Leng family’s guards knew that the Head Elder had hit Gu Si’s weak spot.

Everyone on the Leng family’s side relaxed.

The Head Elder took two steps towards Gu Si. “We can’t discuss in the villa. Let’s go to another villa. We can talk about whatever conditions you want. Pa.s.s me the gun and lighter.”

As he spoke, he reached out to Gu Si, gesturing for him to hand over the weapon and lighter.

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