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Chapter 438: Chapter 438

Buzz, bzzzz—

The loud and heavy voice continued to reverberate inside the workshop. It echoed on and on, prompting even the individual responsible for shouting out Apollo’s name to frown heavily.

The individual that called out the Sun G.o.d’s name was physically bulkier than most G.o.ds by about 50%. Not only was his height easily over two meters and then some, but his shoulders were also so wide that his rather sizeable head looked as puny as one’s fist.

Behind this man was a group of four G.o.ds consisting of two males and two females standing in an orderly line. The man stopped shouting and waited patiently.

A short while later, the occupants of the forge emerged.

“You’re being noisy, Ares.”

The man referred to as Ares scanned the faces of everyone stepping outside the workshop.. He then promptly bowed his head in the direction of the G.o.d with black hair and beard, “Good to see you again, uncle.”

“I thought I would go deaf just now.”

“I didn’t know you’d be here as well. My apologies,” Ares smiled good-naturedly and then s.h.i.+fted his gaze elsewhere. “There seem to be a lot of…faces that I’m glad to see today,” the G.o.d of War smirked deeply.

His gaze was currently locked on Apollo, but the latter’s expression as he held Ares’ stare couldn’t be described as nice. “For how long will you keep on chasing me around?” Apollo asked.

“I heard that you got thrown into h.e.l.l earlier. Are you that scared of fighting me?”

“Sure, I’m soooo scared right now, so why don’t we just say that you won, hmm?”

“Still planning to run away?”

“All the way to the ends of h.e.l.l if need be.”

The two G.o.ds’ war of nerves began heating up the surrounding temperature, but unlike Ares, who had been aggressively trying to start a fight, Apollo was trying to avoid getting into one.

The reason for that was simple enough.

“You’d be the winner, anyway,” said Apollo.

“We don’t know that.”

“No, we do know. How many times has it been already, anyway?” Apollo retorted in an irritated voice.

It sounded as if this situation had happened more than once before.

It was around this time that Ares discovered Su-hyeun’s presence, “And who is that supposed to be?”

“Someone who will fight you.”

“Say what?”

Apollo was grinning brightly, while Ares who was previously making an annoyed face was now glaring at Su-hyeun.

That face seemed to shout, “who is this punk, and why is he fighting me?”

“He made a wager with Hephaestus. If he fights you and emerges victorious, then he wins the wager. But if he loses, then Hephaestus wins.”

“And who in their right mind would accept such a wa—?”

“I’m sure you’ve already heard the news of Kali’s death, right?”

When Apollo said that, Ares’ brows shot up high. Then, he stared at Su-hyeun, his expression now completely transformed. “Could he be…?”

“That’s right. He was the one.”

When Ares heard Apollo’s reply, he silently studied Su-hyeun for a while.

It kind of felt like he got roped into the war of words waged by the two G.o.ds here, but Su-hyeun decided not to say anything and simply wait.

Ares finally said something a little while later, which sounded like he was whispering to himself more than anything else, “Kali’s blood…So, it was true.”

Kali’s blood could only be “controlled” by the individual responsible for making her bleed in the first place. Ares was already aware of that fact, so when he detected the existence of the crimson armor under Su-hyeun’s clothing, he had no choice but to acknowledge that the latter had indeed defeated Kali.


His state of awe soon morphed into an expression of amus.e.m.e.nt and even delight. His focus that used to be locked only on Apollo now s.h.i.+fted in full toward Su-hyeun.

“Very good. Apollo, our fight will have to be delayed until next time. My new priority is this man.”

“Hah-ah,” Su-hyeun ended up inadvert

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