Fcklord117 Summoning System in a Fictional World
A guy name Souta obtain a system and transported to another world. --------------- Too lazy to write a better sypnosis
Chen Dong World of Immortals
Description The World of Immortals, it is the world every mortals long for. For many, it is an eternal glory to cause a spatial distortion and enter the World of Immortals. But the vicissitude of time is simply merciless, the legends regarding immortality had long been forgotten. However, a miracle shall rise once more! An immortal was about to split the space with martial arts and cut all ties with the mortal world. The protagonist, Xiao Chen, was caught up in it and accidentally brought to the World of Immortals. What will they find in the vast world beyond the rift? Associated Names Changsheng jie 长生界
Glaethiel Dogs of war
Derrick is a young boy of nineteen years, living in a fascinating world where magic is the rule, strength is the answer, knowledge is the reason and power is the pursuit. After the other three creators defeated the creator of his domain, his domain was under constant war with the other three domains. One day Derrick wakes up, only to find that he is the key to stopping all of this, but the only...
JakeWJElliott Reborn into Fairy Tail
An Otaku aged 16 was killed after his parents made him leave the house. Only after he died did he realize it was a blessing in disguise... As he did not give consent to this transportation, nor did he mind it, god gave him 3 wishes. The first was obvious.... He wished to be transported into the Fairy Tail world. The second, to be devilishly handsome and third to have a system cause a light novel...

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